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Foolish young wax gourd (curry flavour) action business
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Foolish young wax gourd (curry flavour) action business Express time: Period of efficacy of 2008-09-10: Long-term and effective Join collect Recommend to the friend Mistake information is informed against The network is cheated inform against Connection means Contact: ? (sells a manager)Click here to send a message to me Company: State of coronal unripe garden believes (Hainan) phone of of green food limited company: Mobile phone of 0898-66721589: Fax: Address of 0898-66719589: Road of Great Harmony of city of Hainan big talk 1216A of edifice of 38 international commerceVIP member _30
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Foolish young wax gourd (curry flavour)

Wax gourd is fragile piece choose the fresh wax gourd that grows below environment of Hainan island free from contamination to serve as raw material, use international to advanced food vacuum machines craft to refine and be become. Fragile a nutrient part that withheld fresh wax gourd, added the crisp after treatment again, do not contain cholesterol and preservative, become truly low heat, low fat, tall nutrition, sweet fragile goluptious green blame Peng changes provision.