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Jin Zhiguo is elected as green Pi trustee to grow president of Sun Mingbo replac
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10 days afternoon, conference of first time of the 6th board of directors is in Qingdao beer Inc. green Pi edifice is held, country of annals of gold of 11 trustee election is president of the 6th board of directors of green Pi company, wang Fan, Bailesai (Stephen J. Burrows) for assistant president, the Sun Mingbo of standing vice-president replaces this predecessor Jin Zhiguo presidency, lieutenancy 3 years. Predecessor president Li Guirong leaves off his post. On subsequently press conference, green Pi company announced this one news, so far, the green Pi that this the outside has a variety of guessing is changed handsome fall next heavy curtain.

Sum up " 7 years 3 things "

On the press conference, jin Zhiguo and assistant president Wang Fan, Bailesai, new president Sun Mingbo, and Du Changgong of supervision board chairman meets with media together. Jin Zhiguo reviewed him to be in green Pi 33 years, from common the industry that wash jar grows for industry leader. Him summary became a president 2001, up to now 7 years of jobs between, jin Zhiguo says, "Did 3 things 7 years " , be pair of hundred years old company above all commercialize transform, introduced the concept that market operation, brand runs; It is the modern promotion that to green Pi this tradition creates a company next, he thinks, green Pi introduced modern government tool adequately in management is the mark that realizes modern promotion; Jin Zhiguo still expresses, during he assumes a president, decided green Pi internationalization wish scene and fixed position are the 3rd thing, green Pi just has the ethical brand of international fame before this, had not become the company that has international competition ability, the internationalization fixed position of green Pi makes green Pi strive on the international market bigger market is had rate, have more customer.

A group of data that green Pi company provides subsequently, during also showing Jin Zhiguo to assume a president, rise of outstanding achievement of green Pi company steadily: Sales volume increases the 5.05 million kiloliter 2007 by the 2.51 million kiloliter 2001, grow 101% compared to the same period, sales revenue increases 13.53 billion yuan by 5.27 billion yuan, grow 157% compared to the same period; Profit total goes to 560 million yuan of 2007 from 180 million yuan of growth 2001, grow 211% compared to the same period; Brand value increases twenty-five billion eight hundred and twenty-seven million yuan of RMB 2007 from 6.71 billion yuan of 2001, grow 285% compared to the same period, present the good progress state of sales volume of prep above of amplitude of sales revenue of profit amplitude prep above, sales revenue continuously.

The crisis is an opportunity to green Pi

"New directorate holds water is not triumphal day, the day that devotes however. " hold the position of president to oneself, jin Zhiguo expresses, still a lot of jobs want to do, important undertook with decision-making layer the risk is controlled together namely, in striving to will develop henceforth in green Pi " do only those who be opposite is decision-making " . Speak of at present domestic and international economy environment, jin Zhiguo uses " the crisis " two words will generalize: The money that is a country on one hand from tight policy, it is the raw material that begins from last year rises in price on the other hand, he thinks, what this will bring whole beer industry is new round of conformity, can large quantities of medium and small businesses wash out a bureau.
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