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Suffer an earthquake to affect a sword Na Chun key is low target of the sale ins
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The earthquake is sent base wine and age wine loss 30% ~ 40% , integrated loss exceeds 1 billion yuan

Yesterday, the group of sword Na Chun that in Sichuan loss of epicenter of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River exceeds 1 billion yuan holds media and agency first degrees to meet in Guangzhou meeting.

Wine of sword Na Chun kind Zhang Tianjiao of general manager of management limited company admits on the meeting, because of stricken be hit by a natural adversity the sale job that finishs a company impossibly to decide 4 billion yuan formerly, before quiting of short duration Chinese wine job this year 3, but " Mao Wujian " wine trade situation won't be changed accordingly.

After seismic happening, the damage of manufacturing base workshop that sword Na Chun is located in Sichuan of heavy disaster area to save continous bamboo is serious. The local dweller that the CCTV interviews says, sword Na Chun stores base wine is many prediction of a person's luck in a given year, the wine of the discharge outside storehouse overflows outstanding crus for a time when fluid is most.

"The earthquake is medium company radical wine and scale of age wine loss are in 30% ~ 40% , the workshop of 3 finished product that pack is damaged badly entirely, integrated loss exceeds 1 billion yuan. " Zhang Tianjiao says, losing base in wine 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, 30 years, 50 years put wine to differ. "What what I hope is cellar of the most important 30 thousand brew the pool does not have one damage, install inside store is a particular year mostly the age wine with the oldest, highest value, this is the core competition ability of the company. This is the core competition ability of the company..

After Na Chun the situation of a disaster makes public the sword, outside Ceng Yi spends pair of sword Na Chun answer produce ability to be anxious, forecast what will stabilize for years " Mao Wujian " wine trade situation will be unripe change. Of sword Na Chun " old 3 " positional general is overtaken by the Lu city old cellar or pit for storing things from the back. Zhang Tianjiao expresses on the meeting: "The scale of production of Na Chun of the Zhou Zhijian inside travel and store wine dimensions is next to 5 grain fluid in liquor, because of this sword after Na Chun loss base wine still withheld 60% ~ 70% , this still surpasses other brew industry greatly. This still surpasses other brew industry greatly..

Zhang Tianjiao says, answer in producing a plan, be to want the large section that covers an area of 40 mus to wear a structure to pack workshop building above all, this product line is horary can coal tub holds 6000 bottles of liquor. "The plan controlled investment to use August. And the brew workshop that passes a company 20 days again also will resume production in the round. And the brew workshop that passes a company 20 days again also will resume production in the round..

Because restore to rebuild after the earthquake,around needs 3 months time, during this the company cannot produce finished product wine, to the market the sale causes very big effect. "Last year sale of sword Na Chun 3.6 billion yuan, predict to be able to be finished this year last year of sale 80% the left and right sides. " that is to say, sword Nachun will be moved because of shake calamity this year low the sale target of 30% .
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