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Whole nation of China embellish snowflake " change bid " outstanding " Chinese e
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China embellish snowflake began beer tycoon inside countrywide limits " change bid " . Yesterday, the reporter spends understanding to arrive from Hua Runxue, new bid will be more outstanding " Chinese element " , the job changing bid of Beijing area is being started two days this.

Snowflake is adopted on brand strategy " big unify " train of thought, hua Runxue spends general manager Wang Qun to express, at present " snowflake " 70% what the brand occupied a company to sell gross, won't consider to increase substandard goods shop sign. New bid will " snowflake valve " design art is embedded " snowflake " in the character, the element such as Chinese seal, types of facial makeup in operas was introduced on the design.

To seismic influence, wang Qun expresses: "Quantity of produce and sale is sure the meeting is influential, but the sale target of company annual won't be adjusted accordingly. " press a plan, the sale growth range this year is snowflake 20% . The crop of base of Sichuan of China embellish snowflake holds company total output about 15% , 13 workses are distributed here, the plant of snowflake continous bamboo that crop has 30 thousand tons only is stricken be hit by a natural adversity the most serious. Whether to still rebuild in place as to continous bamboo factory, and rebuild according to what kind of dimensions, wang Qun expresses to still do not have whole plan, this need and local government discuss.

Besides the loss of personnel and fixed assets, to beer company, the influence did not end far. The beer after shake consumes an environment to be compressed apparently, wang Qun says the sale status of annual can be affected. A few stricken be hit by a natural adversity mill-owner should be snowflake plain money is offerred on the west, but local agency also is in the earthquake stricken be hit by a natural adversity, up-to-date, still partial agency goes up without connection. Wang Qun expresses, as the important step that rebuilds after calamity, renewing contact in effort and agency.

Origin: New capital newspaper