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"Bishop the first case " ruling " dismiss 100 offer " brand Zhang Yu is particul
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Lasted 6 years long " dismiss 100 offer " intellectual property case had a view eventually. The reporter learns yesterday, the country is industrial and commercial committee of evaluation of total bureau brand gives out brand cancel reexamine to decide a book, ruling China's earliest dry claret brand -- , " dismiss 100 offer " ownership of trademark is attributive Zhang Yu. That is to say, the product of other wine business will cannot appear solve 100 accept model of written characters.

Domestic bishop look forward to all has solution 100 accept

Be breed or brand? This is " dismiss 100 offer contend for " core. On May 8, 2001, zhang Yu to industrial and commercial bureau of total bureau brand applies for " dismiss 100 offer " brand is registered, register certificate at was being obtained second year. But this one action sufferred be those who represent a company to object with power dragon, the long solution that caused to last 6 years thereby 100 accept intellectual property controversy, this also is called by industry " Chinese bishop the first case " .

The prime cause that the industry such as power dragon fights is: "Dismiss 100 offer " it is breed of a grape, had been current name, cannot be registered by single company. And during the controversy in 6 years, 100 accept were solved variously to appear not to issue 30 kinds on the market, more than 10 yuan of a bottle product everywhere are visible.

A brand evaluation expert expresses, zhang Yu was registered before 70 years " dismiss 100 offer " brand. And grape breed directory also does not have solution 100 accept this breed.

Yesterday, chief expresses related Zhang Yu, what the company pursues is " 4 1 " brand layout, see a set that 100 accept are heavier head among them. Last year, sale of Zhang Yu vinous is 2.1 billion yuan about, solved 100 accept to occupy 6 100 million above among them. Planned 2008 according to its, the business income this year will not under 3 billion yuan.

Of the brand contend for have not end

The data that according to Zhang Yu the respect gives out shows, this company 6 years in the ad that sees the investment on 100 accept cost amounts to 243 million yuan, and this kind of investment of other company is almost negligible not plan. According to ruling result, other wine business, wait like the Great Wall, dynasty will cannot reoccupy " dismiss 100 offer " brand. This also is meant, in this Zhang Yu " with one enemy numerous " in the battle, the interest of business of much home wine will be damaged accordingly.

Yesterday, reporter connection arrives related Great Wall bishop chief, its express " dismiss 100 offer " one of broad sense names that one word is the grape breed with accepted international, the characteristic that solves the wine that 3 breed wine makes Long Zhu of 100 accept and Chi Xiazhu, Pin Lizhu, snake to have likeness, a general designation is solution 100 accept bishop.

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