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100 luck are fiducial pat so that conformity of brand of your Yang Dukang adds s
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Your Yang Dukang yesterday by Zhengzhou 100 luck are fiducial limited company (next weighing " 100 luck are fiducial " ) pat, the hope of conformity of Du Kang brand is obliged to be laid aside temporarily.

On June 22, your Yang Dukang (group) head office and sale of asset of its subordinate business failure are held in Ru Yang county, attend what contest pats to have 3 companies: Henan Campagna controls a group limited company (next weighing " Campagna accuses " ) , 100 luck are fiducial with Inc. of line of business of wine of Henan Du Kang (go bankrupt to recombine and be become by former Yichuandukang, say below " Du Kang share " ) .

Auction on June 22 11 when begin formally 28 minutes, actioneer newspaper goes out case pat valence to be 130 million yuan, add price range to be 5 million yuan every time, after be being patted since, campagna accuses lift a card to add valence to reach 135 million yuan above all, 100 luck are fiducial lift a card to add valence to reach 140 million yuan, then both sides increases price alternately with 5 million yuan of extent, 100 luck are fiducial the actioneer after lifting a card to reach 150 million yuan falls mallet.

Whole contest pats a process not to exceed 10 minutes, du Kang share does not have meantime to answer valence.

100 luck are fiducial it is by Zhengzhou fiducial investment firm changes to make and come, the company registers capital RMB 605 million yuan, register ground Henan to visit Zhengzhou town, large stockholder is Zhengzhou city Bureau of Finance, company of country's biggest quick frozen food -- Inc. of Henan longing food (next weighing " longing share " ) also be one of its partner.

A member of members of standing committee of Ru Yang county Party committee to " daily of the first finance and economics " divulge, 100 luck are fiducial the client of backside may be longing share, say to long for share to have the sale network that spreads all over the whole nation, after Ru Yang Du Kang is taken, brand of integrated Du Kang is not difficult.

Afore-mentioned statements are denied absolutely when longing share accepts a reporter to interview about the personage. "Liquor industry is too special, with longing advocate estate concern is not big, I did not get participation on sale of your Yang Dukang about the company up to now any messages. " Gu Guobiao of longing stock vise general manager tells a reporter.

Industry still has a kind to guess, after 100 luck are fiducial and procurable, still can transfer Du Kang stock in the future, this action is circuitous strategy of Du Kang. But, respect of Du Kang share did not have any responses to the reporter.

On May 25, 2007, your Yang Dukang is entered go bankrupt program. Debt of your Yang Dukang pesters a body, 4679 people of worker, disclose according to in-house personage, your Yang Dukang only identity displacement gold needs 100 million yuan of above, and capital of the production that start wants 100 million yuan again.
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