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AB company is about to reject Ying Bo 46.3 billion dollar is bought
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Report of the intermediary outside occupying says, united States of manufacturer of the 2nd big beer installs the whole world Hays Buxi company (AB company) suggest the buying that declines the 46.35 billion dollar that group of Ying Bo beer issues in this week. American time 11 days, belgian Yingbo is referred formally to AB buy without sanction cash want to make an appointment with, every buy price 65 dollars, this pen buys total prices to will obtain ready money 46.3 billion dollar.

According to the report, AB company thinks the bade of flower rich beer is worth under its itself appraise, this company already planned to may sell the park of An Haisi theme, business that pack wait for blame core capital, the purpose is to raise company share price.

Ying Bo is presiding nevertheless apparitor Carlos Bulituo ever made known his position to say to media, the quoted price of every 65 dollars that Ying Bo offers to AB before this is very reasonable. It is reported, ying Bo has bought battle protocol for what happen possibly a detailed plan.

If it is reported buys a success, ying Bo not only attainable " 100 power " brand, still will have Harbin beer and Qingdao beer secondhand (21.17, 0.09, 0.43% , ) the equity of 27% . The rejection of this AB company, the likelihood brings about Ying Bo to initiate animosity to buy to AB company.

Origin: Sina finance and economics