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"Dismiss 100 offer " the brand sentences dynasty of Gui Zhangyu Great Wall to be
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Be informed a country industrial and commercial total bureau brand is evaluated appoint will " dismiss 100 offer " after brand dismisses Gui Zhangyu firm, in limited company of limited company, brew of grape of dynasty of Sino-French jointly owned represents food wine industry clearly yesterday, "Dismiss 100 offer " for the industry public natural resources, will sue brand to evaluate committee lawfully.

According to the regulation, if party refuses to obey,rule, court of the first intermediate people sues 30 days of indrawn Beijing since the day that can get ruling book oneself brand evaluates committee.

Limited company of brew of grape of dynasty of Sino-French jointly owned expresses about the personage, had not received brand to evaluate the ruling book of committee at present, company management layer had learned this information from other channel, if final " dismiss 100 offer " brand sentences Gui Zhangyu company, "Situation will be very serious " , the company can take a few step lawfully for certain. This personage expresses, "Sue " it is the company's specific attitude. Limited company also represents industry of wine of the food in producing Great Wall vinous, the company has gotten ruling book, sue a plan already clearly, "The public natural resources that affirmative meeting carries use statute weapon defends a trade " .

" about the 1748888th " dismiss 100 offer " book of trademark dispute ruling " issueing day was on May 26, the reporter is learned after committee of advisory brand evaluation, time limit of 30 days calculates since the day that answers to get ruling book from party case, it is with the indicia when mail be born accurate. Accordingly computative, the Great Wall, dynasty still has time to do sue preparation.

Origin: Eastward morning paper