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Amount to can: The court decision has " mistake " will appeal
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Yesterday towards evening, amount to can be responded to to our newspaper hair, the court decision that represents pair of Qin Peng exists " essential sex mistake " will put forward to appeal. Amount to also can disclose, in Shenyang same a court is right also similar accusation put forward after Zong Qing, also had completed cognizance program.

Amount to can tall canal to be punished 400 thousand yuan

Express according to personage of know the inside story, court of Shenyang city intermediate people last week 3 court decisions, france is amounted to can group the trustee Qin Peng to accreditation of domestic joint ventures, because of what disobeyed China " company method " in " contest course of study prohibits " regulation, need quits the job in the joint ventures.

According to introducing, outside dividing requirement suspend sb from his duties, adjudication book instructs Qin Peng to with a ha breath out beverage company compensate to Shenyang child 400 thousand yuan of loss with making up for a joint ventures. The basis of adjudication, be in waiting for competition with Le Baishi, value of the sale that Shenyang child with a ha breaths out, product and market are had rate all drop.

Yesterday towards evening, amount to can be responded to to our newspaper hair, the court decision that represents pair of Qin Peng will put forward to appeal.

Amount to can express, small shareholder of limited company of haing haing beverage appeals to the Shenyang baby that the company just got a court to was made on June 25 yesterday amount to can course of study of contest of individual of law membership director prohibits dispute the judgment of one case. "We feel special pity to adjudicating a result, will appeal lawfully. Will appeal lawfully..

Amount to can express, invest the trustee delegate behavior of the company to its, it is the functionary act that gets delegate, is not the behavior of any trustee individual apiration.

After how the court sentences attention Zong Qing

Amount to also can reiterate again, get parent company or head office delegate, shoulder the way of much home subsidiary or related company director at the same time by one person, "Very general in current commercial practice, in the world such, in home also be such " . Amount to can express even, "Accordingly, we think, existence of this one court decision is principle the mistake with essential sex. " finally, amount to can point out in Shenyang quadrangle same a court, amount to case of illicit of trustee contest course of study is disobeyed to also had completed cognizance program at present after can appealing to Zong Qing.

In fact, before this second Shenyang adjudicates on, amount to the atmosphere that with a ha can breath out with child to already all dropped into " freezing point " .

Origin: Guangzhou daily