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Lu city old cellar or pit for storing things advocate hit a product to raise pri
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Country cellar rises in price since next month of 1573 series product 60 yuan

The reporter was in a few days ago Lu city old cellar or pit for storing things (000568) is obtained about high-level place confirm, this company will move a country at beginning to go up in August cellar 1573 factory price, at the appointed time country cellar the factory price of 1573 series product will by every bottles go up 408 yuan tone reachs 468 yuan, the extent that rise in price is 60 yuan, exceed the market to anticipate slightly.

Silver-colored international releases a report to say in, lu city old cellar or pit for storing things every income will rise compared to the same period 8 years first half of the year 200% control to 0.55 yuan. Predict to rise in price this 60 yuan will have certain proportion to return return channel business, maintain this " excel big city " grade is changeless.

7 years company high-grade alcoholic drink achieves sales revenue 1.309 billion yuan, 1573 implementation income is its China cellar 1.1 billion yuan or so, 84% what take income of whole and high-grade liquor.

The Zhang that Yan Yalei of analyst of Bohai Sea negotiable securities calculates: ぜ makes the same score?573 of  of patch up La to will achieve 3000 tons, considering 2:1 of fluctuation half an yearbefore scale and company are raising price control money, predict to 1500 tons sale will come true in second half of the year, the part that raise price brings business income to increase 180 million yuan.

It is good that although the product carries valence to appear on the market for liquor all along,the company creates immediate profit, but the reporter arrives alertly, this one message did not help litre of company share price considerably. To this, bao Guanhui of negotiable securities analyst is believed to express to the reporter in, carry valence to be pulled actually to what the company sells to this move, the market or still be in wait-and-see.

Guo Taijun installs Hu Chunxia to express, this carry valence to be able to increase product wool interest rate to be close to a percent, predict to will bring PS0.05 of company white spirit yuan outstanding achievement increases.

In addition, hu Chunxia thinks, according to company plan, lu city old cellar or pit for storing things is unusual music is finishing 200 yuan stage by stage in the near future / the price regression of bottle, raise price " can see this year " .

Origin: South Metropolis Daily