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AB mentions sue be about to prevent Ying Bodi meaning to buy
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The United States installs Hays - cloth hopes company (AB) Zhou Yi sues Ying Bo company to federal court of Missouri st. louis later on, say business of this Belgian beer made " illegal plan " , through taking the behavior misdirect partner that cheats a gender, the purpose buys AB company with low. Before this, AB company declined 46 billion dollar of flower rich company purchase a proposal.

This Zhou Yi, ying Bo trades to American negotiable securities committee appeal replaces member of AB company board of directors, hope partner people the candidate that chooses Ying Bo to nominate. Ying Bo even Zhou Er is in (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) carried full page ad. Advertisement says " buy this will be helpful for forming an actual strength the more powerful, company that has global competition ability more " . Ying Bo says, 100 power beer can enlarge global market, and st. louis will make North America headquarters.

As the response that takes action to Ying Bo, AB company initiated this second lawsuit. Ying Bo of break down of AB request court is adopted further with partner of hook in AB people the action, unless it can be offerred " complete and correct " , about buy offerred information. Meanwhile, AB alludes in lawsuit flower rich company is in the business of Cuba. According to the information that dispatches from foreign news agency discloses, ying Bo dominated the beer market of 44 % in Cuba. Execute in view of the United States " prohibit opening commercial law with enemy state " , ying Bo will make his right in the business of Cuba of AB buy battle to complication.

Zhou Er of flower rich company did not make a comment to this. And if Ying Bo buys AB to score a success, new company will replace south Africa SAB Miller to obtain rank of first of global beer business afresh, this bought dimensions also buys the company outside becoming a state the 3rd of American company. Origin: " daily of finance and economics "