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Ying Bo of Hou Xiaohai fight in some places one by one
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Recently, " wine of an ancient name for China signs up for " the reporter learns, resign by this year April oneself general manager of Venus beer group the beer of one duty " a favourite by sb in power " Hou Xiaohai, already joined in Ying Bo, will take up the post of department of market of flower rich China vise general manager one duty. Current, hou Xiaohai is undertaking grooming in Canada.

Had had group of steel of state-owend enterprise head, transnational corporation the Hou Xiaohai that Hua Runxue of tycoon of beer of 100 things coke, country spends the profession such as beer to experience, it is the character with beer the hottest industry.

Analytic personage thinks, hou Xiaohai joins in Ying Bo, or will come true to Ying Bo " Xue Jin " of the brand cross area development, integrated Ying Boqi to issue regional brand to have main effect.

This year the beginning of the year, president of division of flower rich Asia-Pacific, for Ying Bo and its predecessor Yingtebulu serves 20 old Belgian Ding Kai takes up the post of chairman of division of Ying Bozhong state, this means group of Ying Bo beer to be opposite of Chinese market take seriously. Ying Bo plans will " Xue Jin " make the strong brand that crosses region, recombine Ying Bo saves the strong brand of city to develop in coordination in each.

1984, yingbotong undertakes a technology make over to works of Pearl River beer too, begin to enter Chinese market. Come 24 years, ying Bo is in China layout is already basic and complete, but in industry conformity the respect slants weak. Since 1997, be bought after Ying Boxian or became a shareholder beer of beer of beer of Shi Liang of beer of Shuang Lu of golden hill beer, Pearl River beer, Zhejiang KK beer, lukewarm city, Zhejiang, Hunan Bai Sha and Hubei Jin Longquan. In January 2006, yingbo is wholy-owned bought limited company of beer of Fujian snow ferry. Outside removing brand of bought native land beer, ying Bo still rolled out his in China global beer brand " Beck " . Current, ying Bo already had plant of 33 beer brew in China, distributing to wait for 8 provinces in Fujian, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Hubei, Hunan and Heibei, chinese market total sales volume amounts to 4 million kiloliter. But face numerous brand how to accept or reject, it is the problem that Ying Bo solves urgently at present.

Of Hou Xiaohai join in or will help Yingboshi show this one cause. 6 years of time that its spend in Hua Runxue, will " snowflake beer " conformity is national brand, carry out sale of blame Olympic Games to plan, the development that is snowflake laid solid foundation. Right now the Hou Xiaohai of rich of flower of fight in some places one by one, will aid push Ying Bo " Xue Jin " of the brand cross region strong position.

Origin: " newspaper of wine of an ancient name for China "