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Ying Bo 52 billion dollar " swallow like a whale " AB beer
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Yesterday, group of flower rich beer and Anhaisi - cloth hopes company (AB) make a statement jointly say, both sides already agreed to incorporate, and with 100 power beer regards his as admiral brand combination. So far, the two big beer tycoons of world that are paid close attention to extensively by industry are bought case end eventually, because at present group of two big beer is in China have extensive industrial position, inside course of study think generally, once incorporate,finish, the industrial position with the beer whole market that AB is in China also will by Ying Bo incorporate into one's own forces, chinese beer market or will greet new one round shuffle.

Buy this, the partner of AB will acquire 70 dollars / cash compensation, the value of aggregate capital stock restrains 52 billion dollar, offer a price of this 46.3 billion dollar that than Qian Yingbo the newspaper gives is average every tower above 5 dollars. Ying Bo will buy valence suddenly to rise, ended this to be bought thereby trade, a lot of people ever predicted before, reach trade to await need endlessly.

Say according to personage of know the inside story, the company after bilateral plan will be amalgamative names for Anhaisi - company of cloth Xi Yingbo. AB respect will win two seats of new company board of directors. Should trade to still need partner to approve nevertheless. The independence that this traded to also end AB150 one's remaining years history. The new company after incorporating year clean sale will reach 36 billion dollar (after close therewith is SAB of British beer business Miller) , have 100 power wait for about 300 brands.

To this the analysis thinks, this forms an alliance was full of a risk to Ying Bo. Because the profit of AB comes from mostly,add fast the American market that puts delay, and be in the United States, the brew business that faces masses market is being made the menace of brand of craft cultured beer, bishop, liquor nowadays by a batch small.

Nevertheless also the analysis thinks, the business of two big groups will be formed inside global limits complementary. Current, ying Bo and AB have extensive industrial position in China, ying Bo buys AB, or contend for those who let the bull of Chinese beer industry turn into double oligarch is right definitely, or form Ying Bo finally alone big situation.

Since entering Chinese market 1984, ying Bo already had 33 in China solely invested with joint-stock factory, many tons 400 sale, have the market in the many province such as Fujian, Zhejiang the first, second portion, have the Xue Jin, Shuang Lu, KK, Jin Baisha, many area such as Jin Longquan strong brand.

And AB is subordinate 100 power beer, Harbin beer and Tang Shan beer are mixed with northeast be good at of China north market. Cheng Yeren of president of division of AB big China expresses: "At present we were finished already basically in the domestic north, medium, industry position south. The hope arrives 2010 100 power the market that is in China enclothes rate general to be able to break up time. The hope arrives 2010 100 power the market that is in China enclothes rate general to be able to break up time..
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