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Zhang Yu of adjudication of trade commissioner reexamine is enjoyed " dismiss 10
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Chinese wine line of business intellectual property billows of recrudesce of the first case. " dismiss 100 offer " brand registers incident, the wine business such as the Great Wall, dynasty, power dragon requests to give cancel. Yesterday, beijing one quadrangle is formal already put on record.

A few cosignatory enterprises think, dismiss 100 offer one word is by French " Cabernet " translate and come, for " Cabernet " the Chinese name of the grape strain of raw material of this one brew. The enterprise such as the Great Wall thinks, zhang Yu general " dismiss 100 offer " will register as brand, it is unfair competition behavior. This lawsuit, trade commissioner sits on dock.

To registering " dismiss 100 offer " brand, zhang Yu's explanation is 1931, the member that the gentleman of the Xu Wang that holds Zhang Yu manager part-time at that time organizes a batch of companies and silver-colored pedestrian is company high-grade bishop to name, they decide what Zhang Bi person advocates to take piece of abundant author " Chinese and Western is shirt-sleeve " concept, take " the Na Baichuan that carry the sea " meaning, this kind high-grade bishop names for " solve 100 accept Gan Gong " .

The endless brand review a case that passes around 6 years adjudicates on, 100 accept product was solved variously to appear not to issue 30 kinds on the market at present, and some makes work only 10 multivariate.

Regard solution as 100 accept of intellectual property case when thing one party, face sue, yesterday, zhang Yu company issued a statement, say " nowadays, other company sues trade commissioner, we serve as tripartite, undertake study inside the frame that can return law only, withhold what legal place gifts to include to investigate action of tort of relevant company brand inside everything the right. " that is to say, zhang Yu respect may sue the enterprise tort such as the Great Wall.

■ memorabilia of 6 years of dispute

● 2001, zhang Yu is handed over to brand bureau " dismiss 100 offer " register application.

● in April 2002, zhang Yu is obtained " dismiss 100 offer " brand registers certificate. Subsequently, 17 enterprises such as the Great Wall, dynasty, power dragon offer cancel application to brand bureau.

● in July 2002, brand bureau cancel " dismiss 100 offer " brand.

● on May 26, 2008, brand evaluation committee is right " dismiss 100 offer " final judgment ruling, sentence Gui Zhangyu.

Origin: New capital newspaper