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Amount to can Qin Peng of Chinese division president steals an evade taxation to
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The reporter learns yesterday, after afterwards amounts to the arbitration that in joint-stock company with a ha can be being breathed out to child in Sweden, square delegate submits to to be overruled, another adverse amount to can the message gets confirming, amount to can Qin Peng of Chinese division president is suspected of individual income tax of tax evasion a huge sum already was being saved by Guangdong investigation of put on record of duty Wu branch. Before amounting to can square appearance, keep silence to this.

At the beginning of this month, branch of Wu of duty of countrywide each district receives much name in succession " duty Wu lover " inform against, say to amount to can Qin Peng of Chinese division president is suspected of tax evasion of imposition of a huge sum, the requirement undertakes checking to Qin Peng.

The person that inform against says, qin Peng is to amount to the important and senior administrator that can invest enterprise accreditation to Chinese churchyard, and since 1996, qin Peng has been held the position of early or late amount to can be in China the senior management post such as the president of the company of investment of 25 foreign traders of investment or trustee. Report according to amounting to the year that can announce external (announce the website at committee of American negotiable securities to go up) content is computative, convert of its yearly salary is a RMB to should be controlled in 5 million yuan. Calculate accordingly so, its are in 12 years China working work reward should be in 60 million yuan of above, tax burden at least 20 million yuan of above. And disclose according to personage of know the inside story, afore-mentioned reward that Qin Peng accepts all by amount to can in Chinese condition extroversion its pay. Duty Wu branch launchs investigation accordingly.

In addition, the message shows yesterday, child with a ha is breathed out with amount to can bilateral the arbitration in Swedish Stockholm will be met in January in next year have a result, but the possibility that both sides still does not eliminate to settle dispute through talking things over before this.

Arbitral to Swedish Stockholm chamber of commerce courtyard the ruling recently, both sides feels right oneself is advantageous. Amount to can express, reject earlier its two temporarily measure application, because arbitrate the courtyard does not wish to be made to arbitral result,be only judge beforehand, and extremely why tendentiousness, but also agreed with a important, allow to amount to namely can enter joint-stock company, and in light of the written decision from arbitral front courtyard, arbitral front courtyard also thinks to already evidential support amounts to can square viewpoint.

And at the same time child with a ha breaths out relevant personage to also think, present situation is favorable to him company, "We compare a day one day to this thing hopeful. " this personage expresses.
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