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Zhang Yu strikes back 12 wine look forward to is besieged
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"Dismiss 100 offer " of brand contend for act more jump over intense, erst each wine is old the stand facing each other that already was resorted to arms pricks the figure of fellow grace broken up, and unmanned be able to when conjecture is appeased.

This afternoon, zhang Yu is in Beijing close cloud county is gigantic each village presses down place of business of wine of international of fort of Zhang Yuai Fei, hold " dismiss 100 offer " brand registers media to communicate meeting, with answering Chinese bishop intellectual property the first case upgrades once more.

As we have learned, zhang Yu will invite expert and countrywide medium " dismiss 100 offer " the sense that long-term to wine industry health develops label, and the country released recently " compendium of strategy of national intellectual property " the content that protects to starting ethical brand formerly undertakes discussing. Disclose according to relevant controller, communication meeting returns the Chinese wine industry that can release jointly to 12 wine business " defend industry is communal resource, protective consumer closes right increase " " 7 · 16 enunciative " , and right industrial and commercial total bureau brand evaluates committee (next weighing " trade commissioner " ) the problem such as administrative lawsuit makes a response, announce Zhang Yu to plan next to this.

Trade commissioner should appeal to attributive case actively

On July 18, trade commissioner is announced formally, had received Beijing of service of the first intermediate court about " dismiss 100 offer " of case of trademark dispute administration should appeal to an announcement, should appealing to actively.

On June 19, the domestic bishop manufacturer such as the Great Wall, dynasty, power dragon is northerly the first intermediate people of capital city forensic to lodge a complaint, tell trade commissioner the court, commissioner of requirement cancel trade about " dismiss 100 offer " the contend for ruling of brand. Trade commissioner is right on May 26 " dismiss 100 offer " trademark dispute makes a ruling, maintain Zhang Yu to have " dismiss 100 offer " brand. Cause the intense dissatisfaction of domestic bishop manufacturer.

The dispute central point of this brand is " dismiss 100 offer " the characteristic of etc of main raw material that whether shows ware directly merely, make grape goods current name; "Dismiss 100 offer " whether to use the striking feature that already gained trade mark for a long time via Zhang Yu company.

Trade commissioner thinks, "Dismiss 100 offer " not be the grape breed name that China publishs formally, and active " bishop " national level and the bishop that relevant technology standard sets are general name, do not belong to grape and vinous namely legal and current name. In addition, "Dismiss 100 offer " be not Chinese to secure a vocabulary, "Dismiss 100 offer " one word most antedate to was used by company of Zhang Yu brew 1936, in appearing what serve as brand name in brand to register a document partly.
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