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Zhang Yu opens put down sham solution 100 accept
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Yesterday, zhang Yu high level first collective comes to Beijing to hold media communicate meeting, announce to rise to start encircle and suppress in the whole nation from this day sham solution 100 accept act.

General manager Zhou Hongjiang says Zhang Yu, 1937 Zhang Yu company via the China the Republic of China at that time bureau of industrial department brand registers understanding formally 100 accept brand, continue to use up to now, still threw cost of 243 million yuan of advertisement to undertake conduct propaganda in last few years. Zhang Yu dismisses 100 offer sale is close last year 1.1 billion yuan, occupy last year of profit 35% the left and right sides.

Zhou Hongjiang says, begin from 1998, a few enterprise begins to use solution 100 accept this one name, there already were a variety of 30 solutions now 100 accept product, some products price is low arrive 10 multivariate, let Zhang Yumeng suffer severe loss.

"On June 20, after the company is taking adjudication book, try to pass authoritative orgnaization and concerned brother business to undertake communication, with period the way that discusses what transfer smoothly to solve jointly, but when is 4 enterprises are opposite the Great Wall to be sued of trade commissioner jointly, then was on July 16 the associated statement of 12 enterprises. " Zhou Hongjiang says, to this, the production that Zhang Yu decides to in the whole nation the market risks a product to copy and sale action undertake encircle and suppress, will adopt include next wearing, find out the measure such as legal responsibility.

However Zhang Yu had not acted to suffer boycott. Yesterday afternoon, 12 companies such as the Great Wall state to our newspaper hair, claim Zhang Yu adopts issued a behavior to be boycotted in great majority bazaar, supermarket. The company such as the Great Wall says, solution still can be sold inside litigant period 100 accept, behavior also is worn to bring their loss below meeting statistic Zhang Yu at the same time.

Breed meticulously as to Zhang Yu 70 old " dismiss 100 offer " brand, on the product that produced 2007 to where will still its mark is " strain " , zhou Hongjiang's explanation is, this is the error of the company, company foregone fault changes. As we have learned, zhang Yu the last few years sells " Zhang Yu dismisses 100 offer advanced dry claret " bottle mark and back Tie Shangming note truly have following printed or written words: This product chooses world-renowned solution grape of 100 accept strain uses advanced engineering technology brew for raw material and into, also have on its webpage similar state.

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