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"Da Wa " the brand contends for battle to diffuse amount to can would ask reexam
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"Bright is crooked crooked " would ask reexamine, open the brand such as express of C of You of force, You, think of sb with respect, nutrition to will become target of a contention

In amount to can mention to Hangzhou quadrangle cancel Hangzhou brand appoint ruling " child with a ha is breathed out " attributive child with a ha breaths out series brand the group has not fall calm, a few days ago, the country is industrial and commercial bureau of administration bureau brand (" national brand bureau " ) approve child with a ha breaths out a group to apply for " bright is crooked crooked " brand, reject amount to can right the demur of brand. Amount to can the government issued the statement with an intense expression, express to will put forward reexamine to close right increase in order to safeguard.

The personage inside course of study thinks, "Bright is crooked crooked " of brand contend for will lift billows again, flames of war will expand and affect child with a ha breaths out group division to fall " start force " and " You You " , the series brand such as express of C of think of sb with respect, nutrition. And our newspaper reporter understands, child with a ha is breathed out had applied for to register above series trademark, but have not obtain batch.

Meanwhile, the Stockholm that amount to child arbitrates on next year open a court session was tried in January, child with a ha breaths out acting lawyer Qian Weiqing to express, arbitral open, "Bilateral asset is broken up won't procrastinate too long " .

Amount to can would ask reexamine " bright is crooked "

Child with a ha breaths out a respect to expressed a few days ago, this company got the ruling book of national brand bureau on July 17, 2008, "Bright is crooked crooked " brand registers a success, before this, amount to ever can be versed in to the country commercial firm politics runs bureau of total bureau brand demur. On July 7, 2008, brand bureau makes a ruling, the evidence that thinks demur person is offerred is insufficient, what carry demur reason not to hold water.

On July 21, amount to can the government publishs statement of an expression strong to express, "Bright is crooked crooked " the brand that fasten joint-stock company originality and develops, the product was pushed 2006 to the market. Child with a ha breaths out a group to carrying joint-stock company on the back, do sth without authorization puts forward to brand bureau with his name " bright is crooked crooked " brand registers application, it is the unfair competition act that violates honest credence principle.

To afore-mentioned adjudication, be in charge of amounting to what can publicize external the Ding Ying of company of abstruse beauty public relations expresses clearly: "Amount to already can offer reexamine application to national brand bureau surely definitely, preparing data. Preparing data..

This is trademark dispute another. As we have learned, the brand that amount to child is contended for attributively more than hereat, the major Ceng Guan that involves child extensively to with a ha breath out group subordinate has " child with a ha is breathed out " all brand, of this brand contend for upgrade affect other trademark unavoidable. Before this, on July 9, amount to already can arbitrate to Hangzhou of cancel of Hangzhou quadrangle to lodge a complaint appoint the ruling that about brand attributive child with a ha breaths out, in be in cognizance at present.
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