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" antitrust law " apply formally will from go up at all protective consumer inte
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Legislative time is as long as 14 years, be called " economic constitution " " antitrust law " apply formally now. Although the law is aimed at company action and should be set, but the market environment that creates a sufficient competition, prevent to the enterprise abuses monopoly position random and be, it is the basiccest to consumer interest protection however. Fulfil daily life, " antitrust law " what effect can you produce again? The reporter interviewed the learned man that pursues this law research, lawyer yesterday.

Land agent covers jointly dish be punished

" antitrust law " key standard and punish 3 kinds of behavior, it is rig business abuses the market to control a position, namely the bully that common people often says goes bully city; 2 it is agreement of a few operator gets monopoly; The 3 gather that are the operator that may restrict competition. A few syndicate that have competitive concern originally rise, control or affect the market. Develop business to rise jointly to stabilize room value for instance " cover dish of cherish carry out " , was suspected of reaching the forestall agreement that restricts commodity selling quantity. Basis " antitrust law " , this kind of behavior will be punished.

The government does not appoint consumption at will

Some local government stipulate this locality officeholder can consume the product such as this locality liquor only, this also is to disobey " antitrust law " . Basis " antitrust law " , executive authority and law, code of accredit have the organization that runs function of public general affairs to must not abuse administrative power, demarcate perhaps coverts demarcate unit or the individual is managed, buy, the goods that the operator that uses its to appoint offers.

Restrict the sale that cross a region to be suspected of breaking the law

The basis carried out on April 1, 2005 " management of car brand sale implements measure " , car manufacturer can make agency face the price of the car that the market sells directly. And " antitrust law " in regulation: Prohibit operator decides the lowest price to commodity of resale of the 3rd person to trading to be restricted relative to the person. In addition, car manufacturer asks distributors must not cross area sale, spare parts to tilt to 4S inn, the behavior that these contractible consumer preference counterpoise is suspected of forestall. " antitrust law " in thirteenth the 3rd regulation in the paragraph, operator prohibits breaking up sale market or raw material purchases the market.

Executive detailed rules comes on stage inside year

" antitrust law " revise the expert that examines panelist, shi Jianzhong of research center director represents way of competition of university of Chinese politics and law: According to the plan of the State Council, basically execute the law the orgnaization is hair of Department of Commerce, country changes appoint with the country industrial and commercial total bureau. Department of Commerce is in charge of be being examined of antitrust operator centrally, national hair changes appoint forestall of responsible supervisory price, and the agreement that abuses the market to control position and blame price forestall and behavior forestall criterion by the country industrial and commercial total bureau executes the law. This lets people fear bull management is carried out not easy. "Such executing the law the situation is far still insufficient, in view of the complexity of forestall behavior, our country still should establish the harmonious mechanism that much orgnaization executes the law as soon as possible. " Shi Jianzhong says.
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