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Sword Na Chun is large-scale on tone factory price rises in price extent is 40-6
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The reporter is in from Yang Dongyun of vise general manager of group of sword Na Chun yesterday confirm, sword Na Chun already this month 23 days go up formally factory price of tone part product, rise in price extent is 40-60 yuan, the extent that move price is his in recent years the biggest.

Occupy Yang Dongyun to divulge, rise in price this to basically involve two variety, "40 yuan are moved on factory price of sword Na Chun among them, east is red on move 60 yuan, value of product of the series austral Jin Jianna, Yinjian was not adjusted. Value of product of the series austral Jin Jianna, Yinjian was not adjusted..

Yang Dongyun denies the fundamental wine loss that tone price and earthquake cause to concern. "Na Chun of the sword before this already was in move price in succession, basically stem from cost pressure, labour cost and original material, carriage cost, financial cost all are rising. Additional, this is not a sword the behavior of Home Na Chunyi, fluid of Maotai, 5 grain (000858, ) , country cellar 1573 already also moved price. " the personage inside course of study says, fall as the banner advocate dozen reach high-grade product, sword Na Chun and " east is red " to fundamental wine depend on otherer series product taller.

The reporter understands, accompany market consumption to upgrade, the product carries valence to become in high-end liquor promotes brand and product profit main measure. Regard one handle as Shuang Renjian, rise in price to need enough brand force to prop up at the same time considerably. The personage inside the course of study before this suggests, after sword Na Chun may use shock base wine is rare be short of a gender to have the shift on the price.

Reporter discovery, product of dominant of Na Chun of the sword before this moves price range not to exceed 30 yuan more, this tone price is in recent years the biggest. In 5 sheep the supermarket sees Xinchengyi yesterday, price of Na Chun of sword of on goods shelves 52 degrees of 500ml already refresh is 268 yuan every bottles. What roll out before this is new taste wine of 15 years of a particular year to mark a price currently it is 1580 yuan.

Origin: South Metropolis Daily