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Amount to can apply for child of out of court to with a ha breath out brand to b
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Conspicuous " of Da Wa contend for " had significant progress, child with a ha breaths out a group to released statement to say last night, intermediate people court has rejected Hangzhou amount to can Hangzhou of field requirement cancel is arbitral committee in December 2007 " child with a ha is breathed out " the application that brand transfers consultative place to make adjudication. The child that this means Hangzhou to arbitrate committee final judgment is maintained with a ha breaths out brand attributive and final effective, namely " child with a ha is breathed out " brand is affirmed attributive child with a ha breaths out a group.

According to child Chan Qining of spokesman of haing haing news introduces, child with a ha breathed out a respect to got the civil ruling book of Hangzhou quadrangle yesterday, hangzhou quadrangle held a hearing twice in July this year, listened to child to breath out Ha Heda's can bilateral argument respectively, made a ruling on July 30, reject amount to can litigant request. This one ruling is final judgment to adjudicate, do not get appeal.

"Child with a ha is breathed out " brand is attributive the problem is " of Da Wa contend for " one of focal problems. On Feburary 29, 1996, hangzhou child with a ha is breathed out company and amount to can sign " brand makes over an agreement " , will " child with a ha is breathed out " brand makes over Da Wa joint-stock company, but national brand bureau did not grant to this at that time approve. For this, both sides talks things over to was signed again 1999 " brand uses permissive contract " , replace original " make over an agreement " , will " child with a ha is breathed out " brand license gives Da Wa joint-stock company use, both sides is right this also from consentient.

But 2006, so called " yin and yang " after contract exposure, caused sequel a series of controversy. Amount to can the respect puts forward, 1996 " make over an agreement " did not stop, requirement general " child with a ha is breathed out " brand continues to make over joint-stock company. For this, the controversy that child with a ha breaths out a group to agree in both sides solves an orgnaization -- Hangzhou arbitrates committee undertook the arbitration. Arbitral appoint gave a ruling in December 2007, affirm " make over an agreement " already stopped in December 1999. This one arbitration is meant as a result " child with a ha is breathed out " brand belongs to child to with a ha breath out a group. Amount to can refuse to obey as a result to this one arbitration, and this year in June to Hangzhou quadrangle to lodge a complaint, requirement cancel this one adjudication.

Yesterday, amount to can respect precatory spokesman did not receive the telephone call that hears a reporter. But the reporter notices, in sueing bring a case to court what there had been a result in both sides more, amount to can not have up to now win the lawsuit. The reporter still understands, haing haing a group of people of same interest returns child to be able to be in to amounting to in home recently BVI (British the Virgin Islands) the take-overing that and other places appoints the person mentioned lawsuit, reason is to take-over the ruling that the court outside person basis condition makes undertakes take-overing in Chinese churchyard activity, violated judicatory sovereignty of China, harmed the interest that concerns tripartite at the same time.
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