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HongKong and Macow will cancel city of wine of mainland of the low custom duty t
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Afterwards Hong Kong abolished etc of bishop, beer is not firewater to answer on Feburary 27 this year after imposition, the draft that Macao avoids pair of low tax rate that spend wine completely can be discussed with legislation of urgent procedure deliver.

Companion abolishs red wine tax in succession as HongKong and Macow, outback bishop contrabands pressure certainly will to be increased further. However outback market also is done not have necessary accordingly too too pessimistic, "If inland bishop can maintain reasonable price level, and reasonable consumptive culture, smuggling phenomenon should be met decrease a lot of. " the expert inside the industry expresses.

Macao plans to cancel the low custom duty that spend wine

"Administration already can finish the rogation of regulations of discussion consumption tax. " administration of government of Macao special zone meets a spokesman Tang Zhijian calm bear, inflation is to make governmental administration can suggest the government is absolved completely right low wine and degree of fuel, lube duty reason.

This year first half of the year, macao consumes price index on average relatively the corresponding period rose last year nine percent. If draft is obtained,pass, rate of Macao whole inflation will be reduced 0.3% . Trade public figure expresses, hong Kong cancels red wine tax rate before also is a matter that makes Macao quicken duty-free pace. The data shows, after abolishing red wine tax, let Hong Kong develop the actual strength that is red wine center to increase greatly. Predicted 2012, accrual will be as high as 10 billion HK dollar more, bring 340 million multivariate revenue for harbor government office.

"Macao this adjust tax rate and Hong Kong to cancel red wine duty to there is very big similar sex on mode. " Guangdong wine assist Li Tang expresses deputy secretary-general.

"Be on guard smuggling " pressure is increased

What this Macao government brews is low spend wine 0 duty proposed law, far-reaching to mainland market generation influence.

As we have learned, in recent years inland soars to red wine demand, more and more person invests red wine, dosage of red wine drink by uptodate annual 2 million box, come to predicted to grow considerably 2017 to 50 million box.

Guangdong saves wine kind Zhu Sai of monopolistic bureau deputy director general this is forward the reporter expresses, hong Kong cancels red wine tax rate to be able to be contrabanded to mainland bishop create greater pressure.

Do not wish to disclose full name personage to express to the reporter, because Hong Kong contrabands road labor to inland, opposite at Hong Kong, macao distance inland is closer together with control may be a few more inattentive. "A lot of import wine now come over through Macao smuggling actually, because this folk regards Macao as already,entrance wine smuggling makes easy center. Because this folk regards Macao as already,entrance wine smuggling makes easy center..
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