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The moon cake since this year " nutrient label " affix a body
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"Candy, 33.5 grams; Protein, 4.5 grams; Adipose, 13.5 grams... " promulgate according to Ministry of Public Health " food nutrition label administers a standard " regulation, begin from this year, such " nutrient label " get on the outer packing that appears in moon cake, indicative content should include nutrient composition watch and nutrient composition function to wait.

The reporter visited discovery of market of Guangzhou moon cake yesterday, the distance still has the time of a month mid-autumn, on the moon cake outer packing that 7 become above already paste nutrient composition watch.

Partial moon cake had be notted add stick nutrient label

The reporter visited Guangzhou yesterday each are big supermarket and sell a discovery, still many moon cake did not indicate nutrient composition, have more very person, a few famous there is composition of palpability of a mark in the moon cake that spends the manufacturer production with not tall, minor crop.

"This regulation began to carry out on May 1 from this year, time of distance the Mid-autumn Festival is shorter, " He Zhaojiang of standing vise general manager tells limited company of food of the luck to eat sth delicious of profit of group of Guangzhou restaurant industry the reporter, "Time is relatively brash, accomplish hard so go up in all moon cake outer packing " of label of nutrition of the " on mark. Accomplish hard so go up in all moon cake outer packing " of label of nutrition of the " on mark..

Candy of a few moon cake is divided under chocolate

Letting what the reporter surpriseds is, moon cake is not in imagining like the citizen in that way, it is the food with sugar exorbitant content, because of the moon cake with a 187.5 heavy grams, its sugar content reachs the chocolate of a 50 grams only!

If weigh those who make an appointment with 100 grams together " moon cake of yoke pure Gong Lianrong " , its " nutrient label " indicate every 100 grams are contained " candy, 33.5 grams; Protein, 4.5 grams; Adipose 13.5 grams; Cholesterol, 52 milligram... " and the sugar content of chocolate is as high as 55% , the chocolate of a 65 grams, sugar content is as high as 35.75 grams. The sugar content that means this moon cake is returned not as good as a chocolate.

So, is the sugar content of moon cake all food in highest? The answer is negative. It is with extensive pattern moon cake exemple, the total sugar content of moon cake of sweetened bean taste is between % of 34 % ~45, adipose content is between % of 11 % ~23; The total sugar content of lotus Chengdu moon cake is between % of 33 % ~44, adipose content is between % of 13 % ~24. The reporter consults from the net, the sugar content of 1 canister coke is 45 grams, the ice-cream sugar content of 50 grams is 30 grams, the sugar content of these beverage and food prep above moon cake.

"The moon cake that do not have candy " may not is healthy
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