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Tear of door of palm of tall of the renascence after the Chun Zhen austral sword
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After calamity the 109th day, na Chun of sword of wine of name of Sichuan of 1 billion yuan of losing is sufferred in big earthquake, product fill outfit rebuilds to get offline after starting calamity yesterday ceremony, the new product line that pack begins 3 liquor output product. Spot of total bureau of national qualitative prison awards character of wine of sword Na Chun to detect certificate of conformity. After this action means sword Na Chuncheng to be an earthquake the oversize company that Sichuan restores first times to produce in the round. And average liquor company debugs outfit of final product fill to get offline from construction of address reconnaissance, workshop, equipment, need half an year at least below normal circumstance. Face the agency that comes from countrywide each district and medium, the Qiao Tianming of president of group of sword Na Chun with all along hale style, choked with sobs yesterday weep.

3 lunar answer produce full the one or two pieces making up the front of a Chinese jacket of tall dawn tear

"Group of sword Na Chun thousands of employee, the employee that working is in the earthquake only flesh wound 21 people. " Qiao Tianming says. Speak of employee people when disregarding danger to climb data of technology of danger building rescue, qiao Tianming weeps a few degrees. According to introducing, the wine that sword Na Chunliu breaks amounts to many tons 10 thousand, fundamental wine and circumstance of age wine damage are in 30% ~ 40% , building and equipment loss are severe.

Sword Na Chun began to plan to rebuild on May 14 production, after using 13 days to achieve disaster only, restore to rebuild reconnaissance of design program, address, invite the job such as construction unit. On June 7, "Overhead profit old name " wait for partial brew workshop to resume production. Sword Na Chun buys 3 product line technically from France, what began build to cover an area of more than mus 40 June is large complete steel wears a structure to pack central workshop. "Rebuild capital basically relies on to prepare oneself. " Qiao Tianming discloses, rebuild up to now capital already cost 2 many, still do not have the plan that appear on the market at present.

After the earthquake, whether can the water quality of sword Na Chun produce change? Sword Na Chunsheng produces chief to express, the country already pledged to the water such as continous bamboo change undertook monitoring, conclusion is water quality qualification, the water of Na Chun brew takes besides sword from very deep underground, it is a course deposit 100000 and those who become is high grade mineral water.

Restore completely to want 3 years short-term won't raise price

Nevertheless, qiao Tianming also expresses, 60% before sword Na Chun packs crop to achieve shake only at present, market supply can decrease this year, the market of next year is supplied also can have certain shortage, level of the output before restoring shake completely even 3 years.
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