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Wine kind board piece have a baby born into the family: The first food drafts mo
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The first food (600616.SH) announced a board of directors now relevant resolution announcement, number passed second reading on the board of directors that held on August 15, include the first provision among them will more the name is line of business of Jin Feng wine.

more company Dong Bi represented renown belong to the same organization last night, undertake more the name is advantage of company ceaseless focusing advocate course of study, implementation specializations the inevitable result of development. Since the first food accused a group of partner smoke sugar to the banner leaves high grade capital fund and enter field of yellow rice or millet wine through matching a buy to enter 2000, in short less than its came true 8 years to be in inside time the rapid development of industry of yellow rice or millet wine, industry of yellow rice or millet wine had made the core industry of the first food, it is the main source of company profit. This year, the company undertook asset displacement below the support that accuses a group of partner smoke sugar, original provision is retail reach brand representative business to had been come off entirely, the Nanjing of the first food that included company name to symbolize among them east road inn.

Without doubt, the core that makes company future as industry of yellow rice or millet wine advocate course of study, those who have feature of grumous and retail business " the first food " the industrial intention that the name cannot have explained a company apparently. With " line of business of Jin Feng wine " will undertake new naming to the company, depend on " limited company of Shanghai Jin Feng brew " it is industry of company yellow rice or millet wine obtains revolutionary development, creat brilliant core carrier.

Market personage thinks, the first food this more the meaning of the name is more than perhaps mark " stone library door " with " with wine " implementation is integrated this, probably of industry of yellow rice or millet wine new round of rapid development will pull open big screen at this point.

Now, the first food still announced its half an year to spend outstanding achievement to report. First half of the year, the company realizes net profit in all 108 million yuan, grow 34.26 % compared to the same period.

Origin: daily of finance and economics