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The difference that sends quoted price of 100 things two-spot is painful break c
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Hearsay of in the bookshops, two big coke are striving for the fruit juice that collect a source all the time, but 100 things are on final quoted price with the just miss the opportunity that collect a source.

Buy when what Coke Cola announces to spread out pair of fruit juice that collect a source during wanting to make an appointment with, also be lose of 100 things coke when. Hearsay of in the bookshops, 100 things coke and Coke Cola are striving for the fruit juice that collect a source actively all the time, go up finally in quote however, 100 things coke compares Coke Cola low two-spot, so far 100 things coke and just miss the opportunity of the fruit juice that collect a source.

What can foreknow is, the market share on juice market will enlarge Coke Cola further, 100 things coke is in short-term inside will not overtake Coke Cola. Is 100 things coke broken at this point language? On juice market, we still saw consolidate the figure with health master, how will be they answered again?

Coke Cola is rising juice market " one elder brother "

According to Europe of British research organization farsighted international information seeks advice from a company to consider to show, fruit vegetables juice will appear possibly to grow considerably in the sale this year, growth comes 12.3 billion dollar, growth range is 16% . Range of this one growth exceeded the growth range of carbonic acid beverage far. Consider to show, carbonic acid beverage will grow possibly in the sale this year to 7.94 billion dollar, growth range is only 7% .

Coke Cola is presiding apparitor Mu Taikang (MuhtarKent) express, buy this will " the professional work that provides an unique opportunity to be in China in order to enhance us, below the situation that rises quickly flourishingly so in juice market of China especially. " in recent years, coke Cola reachs its business dilate hard besides carbonic acid beverage. This company bought Russia before 3 years Multon of company of the 2nd big juice, bought Glaceau of vitamin water manufacturer with 4.1 billion dollar 2007.

According to the reporter understanding arrives, compete through old industry, the brand with at present main market has 100% fruit juice assemble source, ingredient complete, happy, big lake and Hua Bang. Come from the statistic of AC Nielsen to show, home is at present main market of machine of brand of 100% fruit juice is had in rate, collect a source to rank the old with the market share of 42% , flavour is from the back complete (16% ) , big lake (13% ) , happy (11% ) with farmer orchard (6% ) . Flavour belongs to health master completely, happy belong to 100 things coke, that is to say, the seat of Coke Cola is lacked alone in 100% juice market.

Here setting falls, be eager to be in juice market somewhat company of factitive Coke Cola, the 2nd picket that presiding apparitor Mu Taikang spread out his lieutenancy is bought -- , buy the fruit juice that collect a source. After predicting to buy a success, coke Cola complemented effectively the blank of 100% juice market, add fruit juice of original beautiful juice source, become be worthy of of Chinese juice market " one elder brother " .
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