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Highlights the top ten investment projects at the meeting held in the city of M
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News from the West Preparatory Leading Group Office will be informed of Mianyang, the current West conference will be held in Mianyang city food and bio-pharmaceutical industry investment and sales matchmaking, introduction of 10 key investment projects to lead to the "Golden Phoenix" . Following the electronic information industry, the food and bio-pharmaceutical industry has become the second city the size of cross-pillar industry in ten billion. West at present, the city will build the first China (Sichuan) International Food Industry Exhibition of the platform, held in Mianyang of food and bio-pharmaceutical industry investment and sales business matching, on the one hand, and fully display the city rich in food and biomedical Industry; the other hand, focus on packaging introduced deep processing project of konjac, Ophiopogon deep processing projects, anti-cancer drugs production project, Chinese science and technology industrial park, walnut deep processing projects, advanced cooking salad oil production, processing and fruit juice production of vegetable crisps, carboxymethyl starch production, and processing of wild food base construction projects, goose liver and other farming and deep processing project of 10 major investment projects. The participants from the preparatory work for the good, the current abundance of the city has implemented Valley wine, liquor hometown of Li Bai, San Di Music 20 companies exhibiting more than 1,000 products, prepared a "food and bio-pharmaceutical industry investment manual" , including the domestic food industry to hundred businesses and Fortune 500 companies, including hundred of large supermarkets, sent buyers to invite participants, and strive to be completed during the exhibition spot trading and contract orders for 800 million yuan, investment projects signed intent 400 million yuan.