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Invest in Chinese food "Love My China bless China" grand opening event
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1949-2009, six years of years of trials and hardships, six decades changing the Spring and Autumn. 60 years ago, Chairman Mao in Tiananmen Square solemnly declared: "Central People's Government set up!", 60 years later, our country is already the Oriental dragon; 60 years ago, our country of poverty, backwardness, 60 years After the prosperity of our motherland, and prosperity. 60 years, the national drink out of the country, wine came to China; soda water, fruit juice, cola instead of sugar water; milk onto the table of ordinary people ... ... 60 years, there are too many changes and developments in 60 years, the accumulation of love to talk too much. From September 15, China Merchants Food Network will launch the "Love bless China" - the 60 anniversary of New China, activities of major blessing to the Chinese food industry issued a sincere invitation: Write your hearts love and blessings, blessed with the motherland, Thanksgiving mother. After this event, Invest in Chinese food will be the highest rate of support units and issue greetings home page for one month free picture image promotion; for the support rate in the second and third language and the issue of publicity for a one unit Free pictures on the secondary page image promotion; and the joint network of media hits over the first ten greetings and issue units, groups or individuals for publication.