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Yurun Food quality of trust - investment to attract a large number of custome
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To "promote industrial restructuring to ensure quality and safety of meat" as the theme of the 2010 China Food Fair in Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center held a grand curtain, exhibitors from across the country gathered in Ningbo City, end their gourmet feast. Yurun food as the first batch of Chinese food industry and agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, sending a strong team exhibition. Yurun corporate leaders held at 5 pm "China Meat Industry Development Forum," made the theme of "Industrial restructuring and enterprise sustainable development" wonderful exchange of speech. Yurun Food and actively explore the whole industrial chain business model, continued extension of upstream and downstream industry chain, Yurun has been in the past a single food processing enterprises, to develop into a table from the entire chain of Agrocybe enterprises to truly realize the transformation and upgrading of development. While strengthening the research cooperation, to achieve the development of independent innovation. Speaking of "food safety and brand development", the Li Aibin from Yurun food safety management five systems; multi-brand joint development; "people first" talent development strategies described Yurun Group Chairman Zhu Yi materials early days made the "food industry is a moral industry, "the core idea. Wonderful speech won applause from the audience. Yurun depending on the quality of life is to win the rain Run in the market the main reason the majority of customers.