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[For] wine of carry of grand of a poetic name of China of wine of Chinese trade
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Click see value of affection of big picture   : The express the idea that express feeling, affectionate kindness
Consume value: Party of business affairs, party, friendship meets
Mouthfeel: Character alcohol and, continous is sweet relaxed
Quality: Character is exceedingly good, simple grain is classical
Figure: Pack elegant, high-grade material benefit
Sweet model: Aroma
Raw material: Water, sorghum, wheaten, rice, corn, polished glutinous rice
Producing area: Sichuan. Chengdu alcohol spends: 38 ° , 46 ° , 52 °
 Line of business of wine of carry of grand of Sichuan a poetic name of China contact of   of   of   of limited company   : Address of Wang Baosen: Road of the kingdom of Shu Han of area of Taurus of the Chengdu City of Sichuan Chengdu Sichuan 2 postcodes: Mobile telephone of 610031: Phone of 13678197888: Fax of 02868989898: Email of 02868989898: Homepage of company of Wlyjzhy9@163.com: Http://www.jzhyj.com