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[For] area of part of Jiangsu of wine of drive of Ren Jun of Lu city tribute, An
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Click see class of town of county of big picture   always act as agent solely an only replenish onr's stock not under 200 thousand yuan, if enter 300 thousand yuan, every breed market sustains rise 5% .
Prefectural town class always acts as agent solely year of sales volume 880 thousand yuan. Achieve 100% years of reward 3% , finish 80% year job to reward year of award standard 80% , achieve reward of 60% year job year award standard 50% .
The quarter achieves task reward: Award of task of the quarter that finish 2% , task of the quarter that finish 80% award 1.5% , task of the quarter that finish 60% award 1% .
  Line of business of wine of carry of grand of Sichuan a poetic name of China contact of   of   of   of limited company   : Address of Wang Baosen: Road of the kingdom of Shu Han of area of Taurus of the Chengdu City of Sichuan Chengdu Sichuan 2 postcodes: Mobile telephone of 610031: Phone of 13678197888: Fax of 02868989898: Email of 02868989898: Homepage of company of Wlyjzhy9@163.com: Http://www.jzhyj.com