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Urumqi: Liquor of one sham famous brand produces shelter feature to be closed do
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"Maotai " , " Yilite " , " 5 grain fluid " waiting is to use actually common come loose to wine ticks off add and be become. On September 2 reporter from Urumqi city weather a mountainous area and industrial and commercial bureau learns, this bureau big bay is industrial and commercial a few days ago (on August 29) the manufacturing shelter feature that hunted down liquor of a sham famous brand, closed down on the spot liquor of 300 kilograms of bulk.

That day, big bay is industrial and commercial the clue that place provides according to police station of area under administration, in Ming Hua street on the west be in near one alley civilian curtilage the discovery in basement is nodded this broods, execute the law personnel sees inside house, already the false wine of bottle has " Maotai " , " Yilite " , " 5 grain fluid " etc, the spot still piled up the old empty bottle of these brands.

Execute the law personnel says, the liquor that has processed finished product is common completely come loose to wine ticks off add and be become, the empty bottle inside house all is reclaiming old bottle, the cost price of these anonym wine does not pass 2, 3 yuan. Execute the law personnel closed down on the spot all article. At present this case still is in further investigation.

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