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10 names wine " embrace a group " enter Shandong
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Rise in price as the raw material such as commissariat, high-grade liquor added luxury color even more, well-known spirits look forward to takes the chance to be hit " collect a card " , and will sale head battle is put in Shandong. 1 day, what flourish as high-end wine city is indicative, association of collector of edition of wine of Chinese name wine holds water in Jinan. Market personage thinks, the contention battle of market of a high-grade liquor is about to ignite in Shandong, market of look forward to of native land wine competes again defect tight encirclement.

As we have learned, the history of wine edition, but date from comes the France of 16 centuries end. Wine edition is brewery presses certain proportion, bottles of will big former outfit wine is contractible make, cubage is the 1/10 that holds liquor formerly normally, the wine edition with 50 milliliter is most general. As a result of mark of wine of wine edition collection, bottle and wine fluid at an organic whole, a lot of people wine edition collect blend in the connotation such as appreciation, adornment and investment, cause wine edition to become those who collect the market gradually " cosset " . In view of this, be produced as liquor and consume the Shandong of big province, make Chinese wine kind current association (abbreviation " in wine assist " ) the strategic area of favour, the Jinan of settle of association of collector of edition of wine of Chinese name wine that by its support establishs.

Regard countrywide candy as the origanization construction of bender, in wine assist maintaining markets of pair of Chinese wine water all the time " the palm accuses " with consequence. After association of collector of edition of wine of Chinese name wine comes out the information that establishs in Jinan, fluid of Maotai, 5 grain and country cellar 1573 wait for business of 10 names wine, borrow machine follow-up quickly and " past grudge all is abandoned " , will first " the sale that embrace a group " put in Shandong market, the wine edition high-quality goods that rolled out 10 names wine jointly is installed, stare at collect foreground definitely.

According to statistic, I save mutual size brewery many 600. Go up century 90 time, rash wine makes the model of Chinese liquor market very quickly, banquet of government office of Home Kong Fu, aperture, Qin Chi and pull down a large number of heroes such as the well and rise, created 320 million yuan to seize CCTV advertisement " mark king " feat. But as " mark king " fall from the sky, wait for an element plus the powerful concussion of management extensive and ab extra brand, shandong liquor entered industry winter. Market personage analysis says, dozens look forward to of Jinan of location of choose of association of collector of edition of wine of Chinese name wine, well-known spirits is big " collect a card " , what explain Shandong liquor consumes the market on one hand is tremendous, the market competition that allows rash wine business to be faced with on the other hand is sent more intense.
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