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Shandong peninsula makes community of idle of Zhuang Xiu of grape coast wine
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Travel of wine place of business is the direction that bishop travels and bibcock. Travel to wine place of business, people can appreciate poetics to draw the rurality of meaning, admire the pretty building of Europe type style, sample product of bishop high end and wine place of business abstain beautiful wine, cate, the experience plucks artificially and brew, savour a kind to lie fallow decorously again leisurely the life. Shandong peninsula in the ascendant travel of wine place of business was reflected zoology, recreational, participate in, experience, sample wait for characteristic, becoming the whole nation's well-known grape coast spirits in construction the place of business is recreational group, make the product of bishop culture travel of international class.

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Travel of wine place of business is the high-end travel product on international, be in in our country start level. It covered industry, agriculture and travel to serve 3 big industries, gathered together the profit of 3 big industries, in have tremendous development perspective domestic and internationally.
The Yantai of Shandong peninsula, Qingdao, power sea 3 coastal cities are the throughout the country's biggest bishop produces a division, at present mutual bishop produces a business many 150, brew grape grows an area many mus 40, occupy the whole nation to always cultivate the half left and right sides of the area. 2006, only company of production of Yantai city bishop already achieved sales revenue 7.037 billion yuan, 53.33% what take countrywide wine manufacturing industry; Realize gain 1.027 billion yuan, the proportion that takes the throughout the country is as high as 75.91% .
Nature also gifted the unique qualification that culture of bishop of Shandong peninsula development travels. According to Yantai city Jin Zhihai of tourism bureau director introduces: The Boerduo of the climate of Yantai and geographical condition and France is similar, grape of very appropriate and excellent vintage grows, be known as Chinese Boerduo. Especially a fabled abode of immortals takes the grape that becomes company of brew of domestic and international famous grape gradually to cultivate with brew base, be labelled " 7 big grape coasts of world " one of. Municipal government of a fabled abode of immortals established grape and bishop bureau, this is in the whole nation is a exclusive. To a fabled abode of immortals along Yantai 206 countries two side, the grape cultivates base to be connected piece, formed " grape a covered corridor or walk " .
Zhang Yu, medium line of business of wine of grain Great Wall, power dragon, dynasty, new season, Hua Dong, Jin Liufu is sweet the home such as case lira is famous the enterprise is here in succession build a grape to cultivate base, center of base of former wine production and fill outfit. Current, already the many countries such as France, Italy, United States, Canada, Holand come to Yantai joint-stock or initiate is solely invested wine business 19 place. Home has early or late in the well-known company such as dynasty of grain Great Wall, Tianjin, new celestial boundary, bright red eagle is in Yantai to invest initiate wine business. "Bishop, yantai is built " crying noisy in Yantai. 1987, yantai is judged to be " international bishop city " . 1992, yantai international bishop hundred years Daqing holds section and Zhang Yu at the same time, it is national level, internationally science and technology of economy of be in harmony, culture travels the integrated socioeconomy activity at an organic whole. 2006, a fabled abode of immortals by international bishop bureau names it is one of 7 big grape coasts of world, yantai grape and wine line of business move toward the world gradually, and by international bishop bound place self-identity.
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