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Zhejiang: County of celestial being house works individually make provision rema
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The near future, the county is industrial and commercial bureau the staff member detects through food the car is qualitative detect discovery, what individual supermarket sells is dry the phenomenon that remain of 2 oxidation sulfur exists to exceed bid in making provision. Be aimed at this one phenomenon, industrial and commercial bureau began the county food sampling ration detects the action.

As we have learned, this the action samples in all food of problem of preserved apricot of flesh of plum of king of plum of the lily doing that sends check Hangzhou production of some food limited company, word, word, pearl 4 batch. Classics is legal detect orgnaization, technology of quality of beautiful water city is supervised detect the courtyard detects show, lily doing contains 2 oxidation sulfur every kilograms to be king of plum of 1 grams, word to be flesh of plum of 0.53 grams, word to be preserved apricot of 1.05 grams, pearl to be 0.95 grams. And formulary level does 2 oxidation sulfur not to get check to go out for lily, flesh of plum of word plum king, word is less than be equal to 0.05 grams, pearl preserved apricot is less than be equal to 0.35 grams.

Detect in the light of above result, county industrial and commercial bureau already made this batches of provision processing leaving cabinet, undertake to food operator put on record is investigated.

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