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Fujian: 3 bright hunt down false foreign wine worth of 63 bottles of money excee
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From technology of quality of 3 bright city supervisory bureau learns, recently, group of this bureau check is in what limited company of Asia of association of foreign wine of Hong Kong international makes false staff to cooperate to fall, foreign to 3 bright city wine sold the market to undertake assault is checked.

This the key checked urban foreign wine to basically sell the profession such as unit, hotel, KTV, hunt down poem of Remy Martin, Xuan Ni, Zhi China in all person, the sham ocean wine of 8 brands such as benefit of dad of blue ribbon, Mingshi, horse, vodka, royal gun salute 63 bottles, goods is worth more than yuan about 60 thousand. It is only inside commercial firm of trade of 3 yuan of Ou Mou, execute the law personnel hunts down more than bottles of 50 sham ocean wine on the spot, money worth amounts to more than yuan 40 thousand.

Current, check group is sham to afore-mentioned sales already foreign wine unit has put on record lawfully, make further investigation handle.

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