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Ningxia: Food sampling percent of pass rises compared to the same period first h
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Ningxia municipality pledges inspect bureau holds a press conference, reported quality of product of whole first half of the year this year area to supervise the case of the examination, pledge with the food closely related common people life quantity whole level is stabilized continuously among them rise.

This year first half of the year, of all kinds to the 508 batch of 447 enterprises food carried out accumulative total of qualitative inspect bureau to produce character to measure supervisory examination, in all eligible 454 batch, sample average percent of pass is 89.37% , with 2007 of the corresponding period 85.23% and the 82.57% photographs of the corresponding period were compared 2006, firm in have litre.

Among them, the sampling observation percent of pass of product of fleshy products, fine dried noodles, beer, egg, quick frozen food, gourmet powder and dairy produce is achieved 100.00% ; Rice, liquor, wheat flour and the percent of pass with edible oily plant are respectively 94.83% , 91.67% , 90.48% with 89.66% ; The percent of pass of cake is 88.37% ; The percent of pass of starch and amylaceous goods is 88.24% ; The percent of pass of bishop and wine is 87.50% ; Bottle (bucket) the percent of pass that holds drinking water is 82.35% ; The percent of pass of roasted seeds and nuts and dried fruit is 80.00% ; The percent of pass of vinegar and soy is respectively 79.14% with 75.83% ; And carbonic acid beverage and the percent of pass of the beverage that contain milk-like liquid are only 71.43% .

Check discovery, specific provision produces company quality to make sure capability is not strong, production, store, carriage sanitation condition is poor, craft controls lax standard, did not have effective control to product quality, cause product off quality; There still is about 20% to be carried out not strictly in rejected product " pack food label general rule beforehand " (GB7718) regulation, the content that label tags and form do not accord with a requirement.

First half of the year, organization of key of bureau of municipal qualitative inspect is right food, farming endowment, the product such as building materials carried out examination of quality regular surveillance, of all kinds product undertook the 1366 batch that accumulative total produces to 1063 enterprises spot check, share 1237 batch qualification, the product samples average percent of pass is 90.56% , with 2007 of the corresponding period 88.04% with the state that 86.69% photographs gave year after year to rise than appearing 2006.

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