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Gansu Province: Flourishing fall to return uncut jade to put in Zhen Jinqiu moon
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Have 10 days of time only from the Mid-autumn Festival, of moon cake market annul

Brief outfit moon cake does not rise in price

On September 2 morning, the reporter sees in the moon cake zone of supermarket of new world general merchandise, moon cake sells here pack relatively simple last year a lot of. Of most moon cake pack simple and easy and simple, take civilian course in succession. Even if moon cake of ceremony box money, pack more more concise than in former years also, give priority to with carton mostly, iron box is the high-grade material that pack, the moon cake in the box is endured together closely, the form promoting goal that manufacturer designs designedly is packed inside a few moon cake are folded together, space is very little. Inside Xi Taihua supermarket, of the many brands moon cake that sells here pack much control to be in three-layer less than, the packing box of a few moon cake still designed the model of portable belt directly, saved even outer packing.

The brand is packed not only " simplify " , the breed of bulk moon cake also compares grow in quantity of in former years. The bulk moon cake of the many taste such as yoke, jujube paste, assorted is controlled 45 yuan only mostly, consumer can choose to buy alone according to his taste.

The price of moon cake raw material such as flour, edible vegetable oil rises in succession this year, whether is moon cake price also met " when the river rises the boat goes up too " ? Yesterday in visitting, the reporter discovers A in, of the many brands such as An Qi " thin body " moon cake price did not rise apparently. To this, the sale chief that some brand moon cake involves on the west piece the manager tells a reporter: "This year moon cake price and keep balance basically last year. Although the raw material such as candy, flour rises in price range is bigger, but the space of the profit that pack of brief outfit moon cake already not quite, consequently moon cake price calls high price blindly impossibly also again. "

  Costly moon cake still is hit " edge ball "

Below the rigid limitation of national relevant specification, "Day price " moon cake disappears basically already from supermarket, bazaar. Inside supermarket of Home Jin Cheng much and bazaar, the reporter sees the outer packing inside major moon cake is really light many, price also is in 400 yuan mostly the following. But investigate discovery, also a few moon cake produce a businessman to begin to wrapping mount to be hit " edge ball " , will attract a customer through all sorts of means.

In an around supermarket closes on the west inside, the reporter sees moon cake of a brand marks a price it is 538 yuan, although pack,did not exceed three-layer strictly according to national relevant specification, but its pack unpleasant attack by surprise " luxurious " , the independence of every moon cake is packed was become by the design distinctive lotus form, presswork elegant. Outer packing of another kind of moon cake is a hamper of ligneous carve of essence of life, design very of primitive simplicity, mark a price it is 658 yuan. With brief outfit moon cake photograph is compared, these " high price " moon cake market very not ideal. Inside inn of sale of a few moon cake, the moon cake that the reporter sees 400 yuan of above is basically little person make inquires. Inside Asia-Europe supermarket cake sale personnel told a reporter in January: "Come day after day, the moon cake market of bulk, brief outfit is first-rate, the moon cake that is 400 yuan of above sells do not move, a week can sell only give 10 or so. Compare with photograph of in former years, packed elegant moon cake to do not have market competition ability instead. "
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