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Chongqing: City pledges inspect bureau announces 5 kinds of unqualified moon cak
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Yesterday, bureau of city qualitative inspect announced 41 pair of 10 areas counties, moon cake to produce an enterprise to selective examination result, among them 5 kinds of moon cake appear content of makings of total candy, label, stuffing does not amount to mark.

Bureau of city qualitative inspect reported among them 5 kinds of unqualified moon cake: The honey peach moon cake that limited company of food of the people's livelihood of area of Chongqing city south bank produced on June 27 this year (100g/ ) total candy and label are unqualified; The bulk that limited company of food of person of Chongqing red Yi produced on July 17 this year calls heavy An Shixiang moon cake of pineapple of orange moon cake, extensive pattern and Chongqing city the moon cake of bulk Hami melon that source of area of 9 dragon slope fills garden food factory to was produced on July 20 this year is total candy; The Wu Ren moon cake that factory of food of Ou Xuyun of Bei of Chongqing city north produced on August 6 this year (90g/ ) stuffing makings content, label is unqualified.

City pledges inspect bureau expresses, label does not accord with a requirement to be in this second in selectiving examination relatively outstanding, have 15 batch unqualified, fraction defective is 18.5% , main problem is burden name of additive agent for food did not indicate by the regulation in the watch.

Origin: Chongqing morning paper