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Chengdu: The market is red mid-autumn bishop
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The Mid-autumn Festival this year brings into national law first degrees to decide 3 day holidays, consequently more be valued generally by the businessman. A few days ago, brand of about a hundred bishop lifts agitation of a bishop in market of Chengdu the Mid-autumn Festival.

Ceremony box thin body is attacked intermediate the market

It is Le Fu of Ou Shang, home, good that the reporter visited Chengdu much, everybody is happy wait for a few supermarkets, see suit of bishop festival gift held the marked position in the supermarket in succession, "Special offer " , " privilege " everywhere of sales promotion fascia is visible.

This year, include to import bishop brand inside ceremony box also takes partial wine " thin body " course. It is commonly 1 to 2 bottled, give an elegant glass additionally goblet or other and practical gift. Ceremony box price with 100 it is the mainstream to 500 yuan.

As we have learned, mid-autumn during, bishop of grain Great Wall chose 20 to sell in Chengdu in, for low protect door send wine. And new season bishop also sells in each rolled out " buy red wine to send a grape " sales promotion activity. Zhang Yu this year develop a school of one's own, do not get any sales promotion, selling only " the head that place lot " sale. To this, relevant controller explanation says, the quality that above of Zhang Yu product takes, decorous grade, rich culture connotation strives for consumer, advocate so and safeguard its with this image of high-grade vinous brand.

Exceed salesperson introduction according to business, bishop manufacturer main attack is intermediate this year the market, can satisfy the consumptive ability of most citizen, single bottle price 20 multivariate the bishop sales volume that controls to 100 yuan is best.

Earthy ocean is antistrophic contend for mid-autumn sales volume

The reporter understands from each supermarket, of Beijing Olympic Games hold promoted bishop sales volume apparently, as mid-autumn, day of two political integrity faces National Day closely, homebred bishop is ceaseless get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, the sale presents a prosperous impetus. Chengdu is good the bishop sales promotion of Le Fu of much, home member say, bishop exhibits in former years of stage area ratio this year big, bishop breed by in former years a few, increase to about a hundred kinds. Among them, the homebred brand such as Zhang Yu, Great Wall, new season occupies dominant. Maotai also rolled out bishop product this year, price fixed position is in 80 multivariate. This bishop is depended on " Maotai " consistent public praise and brand, the state of mind of have a taste of what is just in season of together with consumer, sales volume is good still.

Breed of vinous of the entrance in the supermarket is opposite less, but price high end, be in 150 yuan almost / bottle above, on 1000 yuan some is as high as.

Sales promotion personnel says, importing what bishop product aims at is medium high-end market. Bishop of a few entrances also is undertaking buying giving an activity, the part sells still rolled out " Australia bishop extends a month " activity, wine culture also was publicized while entrance bishop is selling wine, pay attention to pair of markets more breed.
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