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Gansu Province: The sales volume before landed liquor division rises
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Be aimed at market of the Mid-autumn Festival, liquor of Gansu Province real estate launched the early days offensive of impetus huge.

Company of estate of Liu Huchun wine rolled out group of smooth cool new century early " beautiful wine of the cave that drink Kong, swim hill of Kong cave name, live hotel of 5 stars class " the conduct propaganda before the section. Lanzhou of line of business of Liuhu spring wine sells company poplar to always disclose to the author, mid-autumn eve, the company develops tactics of overall sales promotion kissing affection in the light of Lanzhou market, this activity is intensifying the near future in carrying out. May be aimed at the fellow-townsman of smooth cool book that works in Lanzhou city to implement this one strategy, besides the privilege that gives them fixed number, still may have give greatly, sample activity.

Bank river group is driven this year roll out before mid-autumn bank river grain fluid, at present this product just appears on the market. Bank a high level of river group is being accepted when interviewing, express, bank grain liquid new product chooses the river to appear on the market before mid-autumn, the hope can be in busy season of this liquor sale is occupational mid-autumn the market is high-grade of wine vacant, the head of sale win initial success that have the aid of sells very firm Gansu to send the advantage of wine to be second half of the year 4 years prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan.

In addition, large-scale last year the sales volume of the wine of century Kong cave that enters Lanzhou market also has ascendant tendency.

"The liquor of Lanzhou city produces enterprise dimensions small, crop sales volume is small, minor, wine of city of Dan Lan state kind the 1/3 above that the consumption of commodity holds complete province. Market competition is very intense, at present consumption is mixed to renown brewery home wine of old brand name tilts. Wine of Gansu Province real estate divides a century Jin Hui, bank the Gansu of the river is factional outside the row, sales volume is in atrophic. " Lanzhou city wine kind Wang Zuguo of director of bureau of control of merchandise tells the author.

Origin: " newspaper of wine of an ancient name for China "