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Chengdu: Plain wine is liquor market king
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The Chengdu City, be located in Sichuan hinterland of Campagna of mid, Chengdu. Show administer 10 areas 10 counties (city) , earthy floor accumulates kilometer of twelve thousand four hundred square, population of whole town census register eleven million one hundred and twenty-three thousand person, , often live population twelve million five hundred and seventy-nine thousand person. Be decided 93 years to be center of the science and technology of southwest, trade, banking and traffic and signal center by the State Council, comprehensive strength western the first. The Chengdu City advocate the city zone includes division of area of bright and beautiful river, Taurus area, Wu Hou area, Cheng Hua area, Qing Yang, at present advocate population of census register of the city zone 300 much, increase ab extra population, the Chengdu City advocate population of the city zone is close 5 million.

Chengdu is provincial capital city, on the high side of consumption level whole. In the meantime, the significant section such as army of military region of Chengdu military region, Chengdu military subzero, Tibet, armed police all handles official bussiness in Chengdu, also drive up the consumption level of Chengdu liquor. Additional, chengdu is the whole nation's famous travel distribution centre, nonlocal tourist consumes aggravate alcohol consumption develops to high end.

Sichuan is liquor basically produces a division, management is quite accordingly rigorous, sichuan saves food industry association to supervise the manufacturing case of the enterprise, sichuan saves canal of wine of business affairs hall to be in the superintendency of responsible and current catchment, because superintend strength bigger, carry out very strictly in Chengdu along with the system that attach sheet.

   High-end market: Maotai is entered alone plain

The liquor brand that field of the Chengdu City sells exceeds 90% is plain wine brand. In a few sell field and name the public house greatly inside, high-end liquor removes Maotai series product outside, it is the world of plain wine, cellar of Na Chun of lane of 5 grain fluid, well, sword, country 1573, all goods shelves that the product such as safflower man, be willing to part with or use held high-grade liquor, the price from 400 multivariate to 10000 yuan of above, firmly of brand of plain wine a gleam of occupied this price space. Market of Chengdu high end was formed Maotai and " 6 gold are beautiful " coexisted situation.

Exceed besides business outside, high-grade brewery home built image store in Chengdu in succession, like cellar of fluid of Maotai, 5 grain, country 1573 waited to establish a style inside the Chengdu City the brand shop of each different. The Lai Yongchu wine that comes from Guizhou and the wine of drunkard a particular year that come from Hunan also are in Chengdu set up shop, but the sale fares badly. In recent years, renown wine brand shop spreads all over Chengdu, according to reporter statistic, village of double outside black sheep area Nan has brand shop of 11 renown wine inside limits of kilometer of about 1 square.
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