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Beijing: Par gift wine builds a car mid-autumn
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Draw near mid-autumn, all sorts of gift wine gather together appear on the market, for pool red-letter day lively, this market of Beijing gift wine was hit in the par card of low price.

The author is happy in Beijing home the supermarket such as the flower sees beauty of blessing, Woerma, content, Yi Chulian, here already all placed the bar of all sorts of gift wine, besides the box of high-grade liquor ceremony such as fluid of Maotai, 5 grain, the ceremony box of bishop, foreign wine occupied the above of half the number of gross.

In more than kinds of 40 gift wine that in home Le Fuchao city sells, about 15 kinds or so are depreciating sales promotion, depreciate extent is in mostly 10% the left and right sides. The price of gift wine goes to 350 yuan in 150 yuan centrally mostly between.

The relevant controller of domestic Le Fu tells the author, mid-autumn is a close clue day that goes close to visit friend originally, this year is small long holiday, this market demand will be bigger. And gift wine in former years is many before the Spring Festival sale, mix mid-autumn this year National Day close, gave this commodity a gold sale period.

This controller also expresses, differ with the sale status of the Spring Festival, the gift wine market before mid-autumn mostly with in of low case practical model give priority to, a few on 1000 yuan high-grade wine sales are not apparent.

Origin: " newspaper of wine of an ancient name for China "