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Time Yu: Wine city is entered mid-autumn " gold period "
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As the drawing near mid-autumn, shrewd businessman has begun the gold schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater of the Mid-autumn Festival since plan, the contention of wine market is big mid-autumn battle on the verge of breaking out. The author visits a Yu urban district in Guangdong the discovery when each big market, supermarket and travel of a few wine are visited, many wine kind goods shelves has presented a section to celebrate atmosphere, the sales promotion activity of a lot of wine business is being begun prosperously in.

Distributors: Capture festal sales promotion

Wine kind belong to special consumable, all through the ages is the class that the businessman uses a festival to promote a sale to get bigger gain. A few days ago, the author visits the urban district large supermarket and understanding of each travel of wine of wine place of business arrive, many businessmen had made sufficient preparation before the section, not only the name of an article that introduces of all kinds wine to taste on respective commodity announce handbill and favourable price, on the shop foundation that still tastes in original sale wine, the sale that increases wine to taste displays archives, so that client choose and buy.

In a few large supermarkets, orderly displayed all sorts of packing fancy wine is tasted, some still makes gift basket of Cheng Haohua. And a few wholesale retailing shops also promote of all kinds name to be tasted wine, newly in conspicuous position. The personage inside course of study introduces, wine silvers coin before section of in former years with poem of benefit of dad of Remy Martin, horse, Xuan Ni, liquor is sold with Na Chun of 5 grain fluid, sword, Maotai relatively beautiful. As a result of bishop relatively be helpful for health, more and more people can choose wine.

Wine market: Greet sale height

Relative to at liquor character, bishop is in the sales volume of the market increases apparently mid-autumn. According to some supermarket relevant controller introduces, vinous sold momentum mid-autumn last year very flourishing, wine can choose while a lot of consumer are buying moon cake, and the look of things of homebred bishop sale is apparently good at importing wine, believe such impetus can continue this year.

In addition, in successive high temperature weather and Olympic Games drive, beer sells impetus to jump. The personage inside course of study thinks, the drawing near of in former years as the Mid-autumn Festival, beer sales volume can reach a peak, the market after the Olympic Games will be more lively this year. Author discovery, be in the urban district a few large supermarkets, opened the sale shop of beer, and begin to sales promotion young lady recommends all sorts of beer to client introduction.

Consumer: Advocate rational consumption

Whole first half of the year this year wine kind general of market price case goes up, renown wine also take advantage of an opportunity goes up up, a few large supermarkets and wine go, the renown wine such as fluid of Maotai, 5 grain rises in price, partial model returns be in short supply. Other wine kind the brand also is to go up sound, nevertheless, sell the sale status of field to look from each supermarket, sales volume not only did not decrease, and still increasing.
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