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Qingdao: Liquor depreciates considerably mid-autumn
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Cost price 768 yuan Maotai ceremony box depreciates reach 398 yuan, and fluid of a bottle of 52 degrees highest grade Maotai falls from 162 yuan reach 106 yuan, still can buy give one. As we have learned, the Mid-autumn Festival becomes legal holiday first this year, catch up with again on the weekend, predict close friend meets, come home the number that visit one's family can soar, agency of Shandong Qingdao alcohol looks at punctual machine to open dozen of sales promotion battle, because the brand is numerous, competition is very intense, many businessmen begin to be on the price " blood goes all out " .

Many supermarkets established Qingdao technically bar of wine water sales promotion. The author is in stage east a large supermarket sees, assemble of of all kinds liquor, partial liquor still has favourable activity. In Ningxia road some supermarket wine tastes bar, numerous liquor brand rolled out the sales promotion activity of different level, the old brand such as tribute of fluid of Maotai, 5 grain, Jin Liufu, ancient well also joins sales promotion main force. The author understands, liquor is executed mostly bind a sale, buy 1 to give similar product 1, also some gives the wine with low price 1.

Say according to some alcohol agency, the wine in a year is before the Mid-autumn Festival kind most the opportunity that flourishing sells, basically can hold annual sale 30% , 40% , liquor businessman nots hesitate to fall the price to lowest, strive for win a customer.

Cost price 118 yuan / 6 blessing buy the gold of bottle to give one, mr Sun bought 1 box at a draught (6 bottles) . Nevertheless, also consumer supports wait-and-see attitude to depreciating, they think to leave the Mid-autumn Festival closer, the price of wine can fall badlier.

To this, salesperson Mr Liu of water of some brand wine expresses, liquor won't appear too substantially depreciate continuously. And the sales promotion activity of manufacturer also is terminable, sales promotion liquor has an amount to ask, so the meeting when the Mid-autumn Festival renews cost price also perhaps. Of supermarket of big profit hair grandson the manager also thinks, although range of sales promotion of the liquor before mid-autumn is bigger, but price of the liquor after the section is moved on the likelihood, each manufacturer still is in wait-and-see in.

Origin: " newspaper of wine of an ancient name for China "