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Shanxi: Cold view " Feng Zhenyue cake " enter Great Harmony
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Festival comes mid-autumn, moon cake is sung " leading role " . Latter, no matter be supermarket or bakery, moon cake became sale key and consumptive favorite, also be everywhere on the ave repeatedly " Feng Zhenyue cake " booth dot. According to reporter observation, the booth that our city street always bakes oily candy moon cake now is nodded all coronal name " Feng Zhenyue cake " , its booth nods, of sale amount big, enough causes wide attention of the citizen.
Average citizen is approbated " abundant presses down moon cake "
Citizen plum lady is traditional moon cake is sturdy embrace wholesale, her all through the ages identifies oily candy moon cake only, do not touch the moon cake of extensive pattern or other place characteristic. This year mid-autumn, the abundant that Ms. Li plans to buy all sorts of 20 many taste presses down moon cake, she feels only this kind of moon cake just is our necessary mid-autumn food of northward characteristic.
As we have learned, abundant town moon cake is one kind with wheat flour, pure Hu You, white sugar (or brown sugar) , mineral water is given priority to makings, deserve to wait for complementary makings with rock candy or honey again, open a kind of traditional moon cake that makes after overbaking. Little benefit of colour and lustre of this kind of moon cake, aftertaste is long, present a rich traditional local color. According to a distribute " Feng Zhenyue cake " pedlar introduction, "Abundant presses down moon cake " cuticular and general uneven, distinguish the moon cake mixing candy at characteristic of Great Harmony place; With this kind of practice, 5 kilograms of faces are OK make nearly 50 moon cake, retail price is every about 1.5 yuan; As to moon cake sale status, he is more hopeful, although there was a pedlar to be hit on the driveway " authentic abundant presses down moon cake " banner, but the trade that he says to this does not affect him.
Business of production of this locality moon cake is cold to local characteristic
According to reporter statistic, "Abundant presses down moon cake " the treatment point of sales inside Great Harmony urban district does not issue a hunderd schools absolutely, the eye sees " Feng Zhenyue cake " the unboiled water that get wind sells to rise in Great Harmony, trade of production of this locality moon cake handles indifferently however.
When the reporter visits house of a few famous cake of our city, see, various moon cake had been squeezed at ordinary times the cake with various pattern and mug-up, the multifarious moon cake such as type of extensive pattern, Su Shi, Beijing, current mood is holding the markeddest position, and the moon cake mixing candy of characteristic of Great Harmony place is put in the most ordinary position however, breed is onefold the amount is little. According to a salesperson introduction, in last few years whenever each enterprise of course of study of our city bake can give priority to battalion product with moon cake mid-autumn, among them moon cake of extensive pattern taste is in the majority, because local characteristic moon cake does not accept the favour of fashionable youth, sales volume is accordingly inferior during the Mid-autumn Festival, do less so, also develop new breed without beautiful idea. This variety that manufactures now also is to take care of one part of nostalgic consumer taste.
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