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Hefei: "Cut " busy mid-autumn sales promotion
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To receive coming mid-autumn festival, cut wine in Anhui Hefei many business exceed, the hotel developed all sorts of types buy give sales promotion the activity, take the product such as the peanut oil closely related donative consumer life, beverage.

The business of blessing adding up to the home in Hefei mayor Jiang Zhonglu exceeds, the reporter sees old cut of 75 yuan 41 ° China is having price sales promotion having reward, first prize is some brand mobile phone, second-class award is a RMB 20 yuan, third class award is 10 yuan, 4 waiting for award is 6 yuan.

"The actually of brand sales promotion that spends energetically also is one kind coverts depreciate behavior, it is cut not just, blast furnace home, greet drive the brand such as tribute, article king tribute undertaking be buyinged multiformly sending sales promotion. " business exceeds a salesperson to express.

Investigate discovery according to the reporter, buy price 2 bottles client can win 51 yuan 42 ° old cut give a cup, and salable production 5 years cut cellar is the sales promotion that placed business to exceed more on caboodle head, consumer buys price cellar of 88 yuan 5 years of cut can obtain the blessing that gives 900ml 2 bottles to face door peanut oil a pail, 4 bottles can be obtained give 250ml Wang Laoji the family drinkable outfit is carried.

In Anhui market, high-grade liquor is forestall of place of badge wine brand almost in, with Gu Jing wine of tribute, cut, Anhui, greet drive, article king, Sha He and drunk 3 autumn etc for the mainstream. "With provincial and different is, in Hefei each are big business exceeds wine water bar inside, see these brands are intense rarely the occasion of sales promotion. " Zhu Zhiming of advisory division of sale of advisory orgnaization of Fang Dezhi course of study says.

"But, " Zhu Zhiming says, "The competition between badge wine brand still very intense, market of the high end in be being held for firmly, each brand rolls out series product ceaselessly, perfect price interval, in order to ensure the market position of oneself. Like the Mid-autumn Festival such liquor sells gold period, each brand entered sales promotion big fight in succession, short-term is intense competitive posture will be inevitable. Short-term is intense competitive posture will be inevitable..

Origin: " newspaper of wine of an ancient name for China "