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Yunnan: House of output of sugar of alcohol of the city that face dark blue is s
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Face resource of industry of cane sugar of main conformity of dark blue city, carry out the base that become actor, make the big company, strategy that makes strong industry. Be reformed through be being deepened ceaselessly and increase construction of garden of tall actor sugar cane, whole town sugar industry begins to enter intensive to change management benign course.

Whole town has product line of 14 mechanisms white sugar, design day handles sugar cane ability thirty-nine thousand three hundred tons, the enterprise has capital total to amount to 2.255 billion yuan. In the meantime, formed " company base farmer " , "Group of village of major of association of branch Party member " base builds pattern. Sucrose industry covers 8 counties of whole town (area) , involve many 10 sugarcane grower and worker of 5000 many industries. 07/08 extracts season sugar cane to enter extract quantity, quantity yield sugar to innovate again tall, into extract sugar cane 4.82 million tons, grow 14.28% compared to the same period; Produce sugar five hundred and eighty-seven thousand two hundred tons, grow 11.35% , manufacturing edible alcohol forty thousand four hundred tons, grow 25.27% compared to the same period. Predicting implementation production value 1.9 billion, taxes of turn over to the higher authorities 180 million yuan, implementation profit is controlled 66 million yuan. Output of alcohol, sugar resides complete province firmly the first. Sucrose industry grows aftereffect to increase apparently, vigor is shown with each passing day. It is to face synergism of growth of finance of dark blue city, enterprise, farmer to add the pillar industry that control. Origin: Agricultural bureau of the city that face dark blue