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Xining: ⌒ of humorous of of astral engrave bittern is like Zhen full numerous
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Drawing near of the Mid-autumn Festival, market of Xining moon cake is increasingly hot. The reporter discovered in visit recently, moon cake is packed not only this year " thin body " , more blow " wind of environmental protection health " .

This year, moon cake took off costly appearance in succession, with simple, delicate pack attract a customer, a few moon cake used paper to make even pack, replace before iron box is packed. The salesman of a bazaar weighs Xining, paper not only more environmental protection, and demonstrative manufacturer is right " the quality of moon cake has hope very much " .

According to reporter understanding, moon cake is packed general " thin body " result from national new standard come on stage. New standard asks compulsively, moon cake outer packing must not exceed 3, the scale that suggests the cost that pack holds total value falls from the 25 % 2005 to 12 % .

In the meantime, manufacturer of many moon cake production are returned advocate dozen " healthy concept " , rolled out " clean element moon cake " and " moon cake of food grains other than wheat and rice " . Among them, "Moon cake of food grains other than wheat and rice " wait to be made meticulously by corn, black rice, pumpkin, Chinese chestnut, yam and stuffing material is become.

Introduce according to staff member of supermarket of Xining China couplet, this year " moon cake of food grains other than wheat and rice " sales volume rises sharply; And " clean element moon cake " because do not contain animal oil, accord with " low salt, low candy, low adipose " requirement of green health food, also have many client choose and buys.

Origin: Xinhua net