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Chongqing: Percent of pass of quality of moon cake objective 92.6%
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From technology of Chongqing city quality supervisory bureau learns, this bureau 2008 counterpoise of the 3rd quarter celebrates city change the company of production of 41 moon cake of the 10 areas county such as medium, big crossing undertook nonsked supervise selective examination, in the meantime, total bureau of national qualitative check is right also the product of 12 enterprises of Chongqing city undertook selectiving examination. Selective examination in all moon cake product 81 batch, objective quality is eligible 75 batch, objective quality percent of pass 92.6% .

Selective examination this basis GB19855-2005 " moon cake " , GB7718-2004 " pack food label general rule beforehand " , GB7099-2003 " standard of sanitation of cake, biscuit " the requirement that waits for national level regulation, undertook examining to the whole project target of moon cake product. The quality problem that in selectiving examination, discovers: Total candy is unqualified, main reason may be the enterprise did not reach product recipe to organize production strictly according to manufacturing technology, in add white sugar (3223, - 11, - 0.34% , ) chronometer amount is not exact, or add candy with how, add other burden less to reduce cost. Stuffing expects content did not amount to mark, mandatory national level GB19855-2005 " moon cake " regulation, the stuffing makings content of extensive pattern moon cake should ≥ 70% .

Selective examination this to still show as a result, label tags non-standard circumstance to be highlighted quite, have 15 batch unqualified, fraction defective is 18.5% . Main problem is: Name of additive agent for food did not indicate by the regulation in burden watch; This burden did not indicate when should making product name with some kind of burden specific content; Product name cannot react the real property of the product. Appear the reason of these circumstances is the objective quality that the enterprise pays attention to a product only, tag to label did not cause enough attention, to national level GB7718-2004 " pack food label general rule beforehand " study understands not quite lucidly.

Be aimed at afore-mentioned problems, supervisory bureau of technology of Chongqing city quality already was pressed according to relevant law laws and regulations, to selectiving examination this the enterprise of occurrence rejected product undertook corresponding processing, increase pair of moon cake to produce the superintendency of the enterprise at the same time, cogent stress good quality from fountainhead, make moon cake produce enterprise standardization, ensure the legitimate rights and interests of numerous people effectively, let a citizen be in festival can eat mid-autumn on be at ease cake, go up too set one's mind at section.

Supervisory bureau of technology of Chongqing city quality reminds broad citizen to answer when moon cake of choose and buy the choose and buy is inside the expiration period, the moon cake with food all ready label, the exterior that examines moon cake through transparent package has the dot that do not have mildew and abnormal foreign body. Discover problem welcome is seasonable to technology of Chongqing city quality supervisory bureau is complained, this general investigates processing as soon as possible.
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